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Seaweed snacks that are actually tasty (trust us)

Published by Finn Hayden

We all try to stick to 3 meals per day, but it's also quite normal to fancy a snack at certain points throughout the day. Unfortunately, it's often these snacks which are the unhealthiest part of our day.

Seaweed has emerged as an ingredient which can be used to make a variety of snacks which are not only healthy but also tasty. It might not sound very nice, but seaweed actually has a great texture and taste which is very versatile. There are lots of seaweed snacks out there that you can buy, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best that you can buy in the UK. Let's get into it:

Abakus Seaweed Crisps

What we love about the seaweed crisps from Abakus is how simple they are - they're made from a blend of seaweed and tapioca, the latter of which provides a really satisfying crunch. The crisps contain no artificial ingredients or flavours, and even the cheese variety (which is delicious) is made with real ingredients. As if all of that wasn't good enough, Abakus donates 1% of all sales to charities in support of environmental causes. Learn more and buy them here -
Abakus seaweed crisps

Shore seaweed chips

Seaweed makes for a great alternative to potatoes for crisps, as seaweed has a nice crunchy texture and salty taste. We think these seaweed chips from Shore are absolutely excellent - made using seaweed which is handpicked in the North of Scotland, the Shore seaweed chips are really delicious. You can choose from 4 different flavours including a lightly salted variety, but our favourite is definitely the Sweet Sriracha variety, which has actually won a Great Taste award too. These seaweed chips also happen to be low in calories, which is why we included them in our low calorie crisps guide, and the team at Shore also makes a great vegan pesto. Learn more and buy these seaweed chips here -
Shore seaweed chips

Itsu crispy seaweed thins

We love the sushi and other seafood from Itsu, so we were really excited to see that the brand has launched these seaweed thins. The seaweed used to make these thins comes from South Korea, and the team at Itsu claims that it's the crystal clear water there which makes the seaweed taste so good. These thins are toasted rather than deep-fried, making them a healthy snack too. You can buy these seaweed thins in a variety of flavours, but we really love the simple sea salt variety. These actually won a Great Taste award too, learn more and buy them here -
Itsu crispy seaweed thins

Holland and Barrett Seaweed, Kale, and Black Pepper Popcorn

Holland and Barrett stock a number of excellent own-brand snacks such as the great PE Nutrition protein bars, and this popcorn from the health store brand is another great example of that. It's popcorn which is seasoned using Seaweed, Kale, and Black Pepper. So although it's not entirely made out of seaweed, it has a seaweed seasoning so has much of the taste and the benefits of seaweed.  Learn more and buy it here -
Holland and Barrett seaweed popcorn

Wavy Wonders

The seaweed snacks from Wavy Wonders are like a cross between crisps and crackers. They're totally free from anything artificial and the only added ingredients are for flavouring and a variety of seeds for a bit of extra crunch and fibre. We love the Chilli and Berry variety from Wavy Wonders, which has a lovely warmth and a little kick. These snacks are actually made using Norwegian Winged Kelp, which is sourced with the help of Seaweed Solutions, an organisation based in Norway that is committed to spreading the benefits of seaweed farming. This is an admirable cause and another great reason to enjoy Wavy Wonders. Learn more and buy them here -
Wavy Wonders seaweed snacks
We hope this guide helps you to see that seaweed snacks can be delicious! Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us to try. If you want to read something similar about other types of snacks, we have a guide about the healthiest cereal bars you can buy and the best beef jerky you can buy.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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