The best Scottish gin you can buy (Updated for 2023)

We have been sipping our way through a huge number of Scottish gins this year, and have come to believe that they are among some of the best in the world.

If if you're looking to buy the best gin for you, or your friends, we have a couple you may fancy the look of.

Precision Gin (Edinburgh) - Best New Comer

Precision Gin is a new comer to the Scottish gin scene but has produced a gin that is genuinely one of the best Scottish gins that we have tried.

The Edinburgh-based gin distillery has produced a classic London dry gin with a lovely aroma of herbaceous, eucalyptus and juniper. The tasting notes are hugely refreshing and outrageously moreish. The earthy dry Juniper backbone is decorated with notes of sweet garden herbs of basil, mint and citrus rinds. The gin is rounded off with a strong earthy note of cardamon.

Check out their gin from their website here:

Precision Spirits Gin
Precision Spirits Gin

Hills & Harbour - Best All Round Gin

This gin is produced by Crafty Distillery and is a multi-award-winning gin recipe. It is for sure one of the best gins Scotland has ever produced.

The botanicals are a beautiful and delicate mix of fir needles, bladderwrack seaweed, and Juniper with hints of forest fir, tropical fruits, spice and a subtle hint of salt.

The first thing is that this gin is extremely smooth. After an initial sharpness of Juniper, the flavours flow into notes of sweet tropical fruit notes with a delicious baseline of deep grassy, forest earthiness. The earthy elements aren't too deep either, which leads me to believe the seaweed has given the base notes a sweetness. It took a fair few sips to really collect all of the elements but I can say the gin is certainly delicate, extremely well thought out and sophisticated.

You can learn more here:



Hills and Harbour Gin

Rock Rose - Best From the North

Situated in Thurso, on the route of the world-famous North Coast 500, is the Dunnet Bay Distillery. The Distillery is home to what is considered by many the best Scottish gin: Rock Rose.

Rock Rose is well thought out with local Scottish botanicals, a fine grain alcohol and the heavy weight of tradition.

The gin is full-bodied and strikes first with a mouthful of Juniper, followed by the sharpness of sea buckthorn and a ground spiciness of Cardamon. The finish lingers with dancing notes of sweet lemon and citrus.

The original recipe was first distilled in 2014 and has become one of the most decorated gins from Scotland.

There is loads of information on the Dunnet Distillery website:


Rock Rose gin

Brewdog Lone Wolf - Best For A Gift

We usually like to support smaller, independent gin distilleries, but Brewdog has created something magnificent with this Lone Wolf gin.

Although a global craft beer company, the Brewdog gin is produced in Scotland, with Scottish botanicals and partisanship.

The gin is clean, fresh and delicate with sophistication at every turn. It has been distilled using grain to give it a clear, bright clarity.

The citrusy elements from lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaf are delicate but still bounce off the gin's strong juniper backbone. There are notes of spice from coriander, pink peppercorns, and mace which give an earthy balance to the high notes.

The finish is sweet and floral from Lavender and the Scottish heart of Scots pine needles anchor the juniper notes even further. This is a modern twist on a fantastic Scottish Gin. Read our full review of this gin here, or Check it out on Amazon


Brewdog Dear Mum

Edinburgh Gin - Best London Dry Classic

The ‘classic’ gin from Edinburgh Gin is one of the quintessential inclusions for any list detailing the best Scottish gins. The gin is unmistakably a “London Dry” with a Scottish twist. It is undoubtedly one of the best London Dry gins that you’ll ever try.

The spirit has been produced using 14 high-quality botanicals and high-quality grain. As you'll come to expect with a London Dry there are huge notes of aromatic citrus; lemongrass, lime, orange peel and a floral layer of lavender. Black mulberries give the gin a hint of super sweet jamminess and it is brought together by the classic, dry pine and spiced juniper kick. This is a nice balance between a class ic 'Old Tom' and a 'London Dry'.

Check it out here

Edinburgh Gin Logo on Bottle

Caorunn - Most Interesting

Caorunn is often hailed as one of the best Scottish gins ever produced. And we believe that there is good reason for that.

To begin, the gin is wonderfully smooth, easy drinking and dangerously delicious- there is a ragged edge to the gin which makes it all the more interesting.

The imidate notes from Caorunngin are peppery, and earthy which may be quite ‘spicy’ for smooth gin lovers. The punchline is coming, however, and the spice is followed by a flowing wash of clean, crisp citrusy warmth.

The initial shock of the gin opens your senses to the delicious floral flavours that come in like a blowing wind of blossom.

Find it right here

Caorunn Gin

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