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Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement UK

Functional mushrooms are all over the internet, and their benefits are undeniable. Today we wanted to have a look at the 'Mushroom of Immortality' - Reishi.

Reishi's origins trace back to Chinese ancient medicine which holds this mushroom in such high esteem that, even today, it it synonymous with the pursuit of immortality itself. The mushroom has potential health benefits, including immune system support, stress reduction, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory effects. It's rich in antioxidants, promoting heart and liver health, potentially aiding cancer support, and enhancing respiratory health. A very powerful mushroom indeed.

Over centuries, Reishi's reputation as a potent source of health and vitality captured the imagination of the health food supplement industry and there are thousands of companies who are selling extracts, but it becomes difficult to know which ones you can trust.

So, we spend quite a bit of time doing some research into what we think are the best (quality and value for money) Reishi supplements and capsules across the UK.

Let's get into it:

Shroomex Reishi Mushroom Capsules

We love the mushroom coffee from Shroomex, but if you want the benefits of mushrooms in capsule form then these Reishi Mushroom Capsules from the brand are a great alternative. Made using dual extracted reishi mushrooms which are USDA & EU Certified Organic, each capsule is 40% Beta Glucan and contains pure reishi. You can also find the lab reports for these capsules here. Learn more and buy the capsules here -

Shroomex Reishi Mushroom Capsules

Life Essentials

As a brand that keeps coming up as the very best for several supplements

I recently tried Life Essentials' Reishi Mushroom Extract, and I must say it's been a game-changer. Each capsule contains 400mg of active 30:1 Reshi Extract which is extracted gentely. They are also capped in a HPMC capsule which is 100% vegan friendy.

The quality of Life Essentials' Reishi Mushroom is exceptional. It's evident that they prioritize purity and potency, which translates into tangible health benefits. I've noticed a significant boost in my overall immunity, a deep sense of calm during stressful times, and improved sleep quality since incorporating this extract into my routine.

What sets this product apart is its authenticity. It's reassuring to know that Life Essentials sources their Reishi from reputable growers and maintains rigorous quality standards. This transparency adds to my confidence in its effectiveness. This is why they are included as the best Reishi capsules on our list.

For more information about the Life essentials check out their website:

Life Essential Reishi Capsules


Room Mushrooms' Reishi Mushroom Capsules have been a remarkable discovery for me. And some of the very best reishi mushroom capsules we found in the UK.

The quality of Room Mushrooms' Reishi capsules is exceptional. It's evident that they prioritize purity and potency, which translates into tangible health benefits. Since incorporating these capsules into my daily regimen, I've experienced enhanced immunity, reduced stress levels, and improved overall well-being.

Personally, I really love the branding of this product and the quality of the capsules is excelenet. With 400mgs of extract in each vegan friendly capsules, with a 30:1 extract. These Reishi Mushroom Capsules are some of the best I have tried.

I highly recommend them to anyone seeking natural and effective ways to bolster their health.

RooMushrooms Reishi

Real Mushrooms

Real mushrooms are one of the best known Mushroom brands on Amazon, and they sell some of the best value Reishi capsules on the market place.

What sets these capsules apart is their authenticity. Unlike many mushroom supplements, Real Mushrooms uses actual mushrooms (fruiting body) in their production. Coupled with their meticulous hot water extraction process, this results in a genuinely potent and pure mushroom supplement, ensuring the highest level of bioavailable nutrients in each serving.

Real Mushrooms' commitment to quality and transparency shines through, making it easy to trust their products. Knowing that I'm getting the real deal from a reputable source adds to the appeal of these supplements.

Each of the capsules contains 1000mg of extract, which is more than enough for a daily dose. Tub contains 90 capsules so this is a perfect supply for just over a month.

You can find more information about their product via their amazon profile here:

DIRTEA Reishi Mushroom Powder

Reishi is a revered adaptogen and it certanly lives up to its reputation here. It helps manage stress, bringing mental equilibrium and heightened clarity

What's remarkable is its ease of use—just a teaspoon in hot water creates a delightful tea. Plus, it's versatile, blending seamlessly into various beverages. The only issue I had with the powerr is that it can be quite messy, esspecially compared to the capsules.

For More information about their Reishi Powder, then you can find it on their amazon profile here: 

DIRTEA Reishi powder

Hopefully, you'e found the very best reishi supplement for you, and that it starts to transform your wellbeing as much as it has improved mine.

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