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5 of the best ranch dressings you can buy (tried & tested)

Published by Finn Hayden

Often when you're following a recipe online, it will have come from an American source. And that often means the recipe will include a few products that you might not be able to easily find here in the UK.

One such example is ranch dressing sauce - it's a staple of the American diet and is often the dressing of choice at BBQs and other occasions where lots of food is served. But despite the popularity of the sauce in the USA, it hasn't quite taken off in the same way here in the UK.

Having said that, there are actually a number of great options to choose from when it comes to ranch dressing in the UK, and we'd love to see the sauce become more popular here as it is so versatile. We thought it would be useful to round up the best ranch dressing that you can buy in the UK for anyone wanting to try it, let's get into it:

Newman's Own

The ranch dressing that we've found the most widely stocked in UK supermarkets is Newman's Own, and we're not surprised at all by this - it's excellent. Newman's Own is actually an American brand which has only recently found its way into UK supermarkets, but the ranch dressing from this brand has been popular in the States for a long time. Founded by the actor Paul Newman in 1980, the brand has been making ranch dressing for more than 30 years. The ranch dressing is made from all natural ingredients, including rapeseed oil, Butter Milk, and parsley. There is also a vegan version of the ranch dressing which we think is just as tasty as the normal version made using Butter Milk. Learn more and the product here -
Newman's Own ranch dressing

Dine With Atkins & Potts Ranch Dressing

This ranch dressing is made by Atkins and Potts, a family business based in Hampshire. We love this dressing and think it's really versatile - it works perfectly with salads and also works great as a dip. Everything in the bottle is 100% natural, and the team at Atkins and Potts prides itself on only using the finest ingredients. Learn more and buy it here -
DINE ranch dressing


Brianna's is another American brand of ranch dressing that we've seen stocked in quite a few places here in the UK. Made in Texas, this ranch dressing works really well with salads and it's made using all natural ingredients without anything artificial added. We found it to have a really rich and creamy taste, and just like the ranch dressing from Newman's Own this dressing is made using rapeseed oil and buttermilk. Learn more and buy it here -

Brianna's ranch dressing

M&S Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

M&S has loads of great food products, and we've previously written about how it's one of the best supermarkets for curries and pizzas. So we weren't too surprised to find an own-brand ranch dressing at M&S, although we were impressed by how good it was. Just like the ranch dressing from the American brands, this product is made using buttermilk and parsley. And it's also just as creamy as any of the other dressings we tried. Learn more and buy it here -

M&S ranch dressing

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is another brand that Americans will be very familiar with, and you can now buy the ranch dressing from this brand pretty easily in the UK. One of the great things about the Hidden Valley range is all the different variations - the standard ranch dressing is really delicious and is made using rapeseed oil and buttermilk as you'd expect. But you can also buy a spicy version and a fat free version of the ranch dressing, so it's great to have the variety. We find the Hidden Valley ranch dressing to be very creamy and to work well with meat. Learn more and buy it here -

Hidden Valley ranch

We hope this guide helps you to find some delicious ranch dressing that you can buy in the UK. Let us know if you've tried any of these sauces or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you want to read something similar, we have a guide about the best cool whip alternatives you can buy in the UK.

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