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Best protein shaker bottle – 5 great options for people who want to mix their protein shakes with ease

Published by Finn Hayden

We've written previously about how important it is to increase your protein intake if you want to build and maintain muscle mass, and luckily it's easier than ever to get more protein into your diet. From low calorie protein powders, to vegan protein powders made from hemp, there is something to fit everyone's tastes and needs.

However, something which is almost as important as choosing the right protein powder is choosing the right protein shaker. So many protein shakers won't mix protein powder properly, which means the powder gets stuck in the corners and edges of the shaker rather than going into your mouth. Plus, protein shakers like this are a total nightmare to clean and are anything but the convenient accessory that they're supposed to be.

Luckily, there are lots of excellent protein shakers out there that you can buy to mix your protein powder in. We thought it would be useful to round up the best we've found, based on our experiences and on third-party reviews. Let's get into it:

Wellman ShakeSphere shaker

We'd say that one of the best protein shakers that we tried was the ShakeSphere Shaker from Wellman (the male-focused brand from Vitabiotics). When we first got this protein shaker delivered, we actually thought there was something wrong - when we opened the bottle, there was no shaker ball or mesh of any kind inside the bottle. But it turns out that this is actually deliberate, and that it's part of the genius of the ShakeSphere shaker. This protein shaker doesn't need a ball or mesh to mix the protein powder, as the bottle has a capsule shape which does the mixing. As you shake the bottle, the powder and liquid are continually being sent around the capsule without getting stuck in corners, which mixes them up really effectively. And because this protein shaker has no corners, it's very easy to clean as well. We'd say this protein shaker has been a total game-changer for us, learn more and buy it here -


SmartShake Original2Go

Similar to the ShakeSphere, it is the innovative design of the SmartShake which makes it such an excellent product. There are quite a few protein shakers in the SmartShake range, but it's the Original2Go shaker that we've been most impressed with. This shaker has a mesh section underneath the lid, so when the powder is added to the liquid in the bottle and you shake it up, it's the mesh which mixes up the powder. We much prefer this to the standard protein shaker ball, not just because we think it's better at mixing, but also because it's easier to clean. But the real standout feature of the SmartShake Original2Go is the compartment at the bottom of the shaker - this is where you can keep your protein powder before you use the shaker. We've seen so many people come to the gym with their protein shaker and a separate tub of protein powder, then mixing the 2 after their workout. With the SmartShake Original2Go shaker, it's as easy as taking off the compartment at the bottom, emptying in your protein powder into the shaker, and then mixing. We love this product, and it's also made using BPA and DEHP-free plastic, so you can be sure that it's a safe product to be drinking from. Learn more and buy it here -


Perform Nutrition Blackout shaker

What we really love about the Blackout shaker from Perform Nutrition is the twisted cap feature - the screw cap makes this probably the most leak-proof protein shaker that we've ever tried, and we've tried lots of them. This shaker also uses the same mesh grill as the SmartShaker, so it mixes protein powder really effectively without any lumping. The shaker has a 700ml capacity and we really like the etched milliliter measurements on the side of the shaker as it allows you to get really accurate with your mixing. Learn more and buy it here -

Perform Nutrition shaker


This protein shaker from Acuna is the only shaker we've included in this guide which comes with a mixer ball, but it's definitely worthy of a spot in this guide. We found protein powder to mix really well in this bottle, mainly because the stainless steel mixer ball is very compact and does a great job of cutting through the powder. The shaker itself has a great flip cap and is also made using BPA-free plastic, plus it has a 700ml capacity. Learn more and buy it here -

ACUNA shaker

We hope this guide helps you to find an excellent protein shaker. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you've already got your protein shaker and you need a great protein powder, we have guides about banana protein powder and grass fed whey protein powder.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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