Best products and experiences to foster mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent times, but it is really important to look after yourself and your mind. Many products and experiences claim to help foster mindfulness, but we wanted to round up a selection of the absolute best of the bunch. Let's get into the guide:

Incredible Eggs - best for an incredible ethical hatching experience

Nothing can delight and amaze you quite like experiencing the birth of a baby, but this experience isn't something that is typically accessible to anyone - until now. Incredible Eggs is an ethical hatching company that delivers a complete hatching kit containing ready-to-hatch eggs to private homes, schools, care homes, and hospitals. This allows anyone and everyone to experience the magic of a chick or duckling hatching from an egg. Everything you need to hatch, house, feed and keep the birds is included and collected at the end of the 10 day hire period. Expert advice via a 'Hatching Hotline' is also provided, as well as access to a wealth of downloadable educational resources. It's such an original and unique idea that provides people with a really special and unforgettable experience, and through this concept Incredible Eggs can help to raise the morale and spirits of many vulnerable people. The team behind Incredible Eggs are experts in what they do and the welfare of the birds is their absolute priority. If you want an experience that will make you feel grateful for life, look. no further.

You can very easily book a kit for yourself and can either choose to keep the hatched birds or send them back safely, find the options here -


Thyme - Best for an unforgettable spa experience

The Thyme Meadow Spa is a relatively new Spa on the UK scene, but it is already creating a big stir. Based in the Cotswolds, this 100-acre estate is home to a 31-bed hotel and an 8-suite spa, as well as dining venues and cottages. The idea behind Thyme is to create a space that fosters peacefulness and relaxation, and we think they've absolutely nailed it - not only does the spa offering include various expert treatments and a state-of-the-art spring water swimming pool (pictured), but you can also enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding gardens, woodlands and orchards if you feel like reconnecting with nature.

Book a stay at Thyme or a treatment here -


Department Store for the Mind Journal - best for unwinding your mind

Writing down your thoughts is such a simple habit to develop, but it can have a profound impact on your mental health and general wellness. Having a great journal to write in is an absolute must, and they don't get better than the Unwind Your Mind Journal from Department Store For The Mind. It's not just a space for writing your thoughts - the journal includes useful prompts and inspiring text to encourage your writing, but these are simply a framework to help you get started. We love it and think it would make an excellent gift.

Take a look at the journal here -


Blossom Yoga Wear - Best for eco-friendly zen fashion

You can't be zen without feeling comfy and without knowing that your clothes aren't harming the Earth, which is why we love the eco-friendly range from Blossom Yoga Wear. The items within this range are made from Post-Consumer Recycled PET combined with other sustainable materials, but impressively they retain their style and comfort.

You can explore the full range here -


We hope this guide helps you to find a product or service which can help you to foster mindfulness. If you want to read something similar we have a guide about books which can help to foster mindfulness.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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