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7 of the best probiotic yoghurts you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

Looking after your gut is all the rage at the moment, with loads of products on supermarket shelves promising to increase the amount of friendly bacteria in your gut. Products like kombucha and kefir have exploded in popularity in recent years. And don't get us wrong, we think these products are great. But if we had to choose one method of getting more probiotics into your diet, we'd choose probiotic yoghurt.

Despite sounding like quite a fancy, specialist product, the truth is that lots of yoghurt can be described as probiotic. That's because, in simple terms, any product which helps to get more probiotics such as friendly bacteria into your system can be described as probiotic.

Having said that, some yoghurts are more probiotic than others, typically because they've been made in a way which promotes the growth of more friendly bacteria. We wanted to highlight the best probiotic yoghurt that you can buy in the UK, let's get into it:

Bio & Me Gut-Loving Yoghurt

Of all the probiotic yoghurt that we tried for this guide, we'd have to say that the very simple Original flavour gut-loving yoghurt from Bio & Me was our favourite.

We actually included this brand in our list of the healthiest granola you can buy, but they're probably best known for making yoghurt. Each pot contains over 700 billion cultures and 18 different live and active cultures, which is a huge amount and blows just about everything else we tried out the water.

We really loved the original flavour which was plain and had a lovely creaminess to it, but you can buy a fruit flavour if you prefer such as Mango or Strawberry.

Learn more and buy it here - or the whole range is actually also on

Bio & Me probiotic yoghurt

Biotiful kefir protein yoghurt

We actually included this yoghurt from Biotiful in our protein yoghurt guide because each pack contains an impressive 12g of protein, but it's also packed with live cultures and makes for an excellent probiotic yoghurt too. It's made with kefir quark which is the source of the live cultures, as well as vitamins B12 & B2. We really enjoyed the blackcurrent flavour of this yoghurt (pictured), learn more and buy it here -

biotiful kefir protein

Waitrose Gut Health Mango Kefir Yoghurt

We really struggled to find supermarket own-brand probiotic yoghurt to include in this list, but we knew that we could count on Waitrose to have a product like this. The Gut Health Kefir Yoghurt from Waitrose is not only very tasty, but it's also packed with live cultures and very good for your gut. There is a natural version of this yoghurt which has a nice tang to it, but we really like the Mango flavour (pictured). Learn more and buy it here -

Waitrose gut health Kefir yoghurt

Activia probiotic yoghurt

Activia is probably the best known probiotic yoghurt brand in the UK, and although we think there are better tasting yoghurts out there, there is no denying that Activia yoghurt is packed with a lot of goodness for your gut. Each pot of this yoghurt contains 16 billion live cultures which are fermented for 8 hours. The team at Activia uses a unique blend of 5 ferments to produce a yoghurt which is full of good bacteria. Learn more and buy it here - or

Activia yoghurt

The Coconut Collab Gut Health Strawberry

So far we've only included dairy yoghurt in this guide, because generally speaking, most of the probiotic yoghurts you'll find on supermarket shelves will be made using Cow's milk. But that isn't to say that there are no options for the vegans out there, and this probiotic yoghurt from The Coconut Collab is a great example of that. Made using cultured coconut milk, it still has a lovely creaminess to it and the strawberry flavour is delicious. The yoghurt is fermented with multiple strains of live cultures, and impressively each pot also contains prebiotic fibre, which essentially feeds probiotics. It's really impressive to have a vegan option for probiotic yoghurt, learn more and buy it here -

The Coconut Collab yoghurt

Yeo Valley kefir yoghurt

All of the yoghurt from Yeo Valley is described as 'Bio Live', which essentially means the same thing as probiotic - it's packed with live cultures and good bacteria for your gut. But there is a range from Yeo Valley which contains even more probiotic goodness than the standard range, which is the kefir yoghurt range. Each pot is filled with 14 different live cultures, and the milk used to make the yoghurt is totally organic. Plus, it's tangy and delicious. There are lots of excellent flavours to choose from, but we really like the natural flavour. Learn more and buy it here -

Yeo Valley kefir yoghurt

The Collective Gourmet Raspberry probiotic yoghurt

This yoghurt is so tasty and doesn't feel like a health product at all, despite being full of gut goodness. Each pot of yoghurt is made using live cultures, meaning every mouthful contains friendly bacteria. But despite being an excellent probiotic yoghurt, we'd honestly eat this just for the taste - made using all natural ingredients, the yoghurt is thick and each pot contains 2 (yes, 2) layers of raspberry compote. Learn more and buy it here -

The Collective gourmet raspberry

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find a great probiotic yoghurt. Let us know if you've tried any of these products or if you have any other recommendations for us to try!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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