Best Portable Sauna For Your Home We’ve Found in the UK

If you care about your physical well-being then you'll already know the general well-being benefits of a hot sauna and a cold plunge cycle (we've also written about the best portable cold plunge pools too). Particularly in the UK, a sauna session is a godsend and can keep your spirits up all day.

But, for athletes or avid gym goers, spending time in the sauna every day has several proven benefits for both recovery and cardiovascular fitness, improving performance and reducing the risk of potential injury. But, few standard gyms have access to a sauna, and the ones you go to can become quite expensive over the month - plus, if you travel a lot then you'd be best spending a month's gym subscription on a portable sauna.

So, we have taken some time to research and test out the best portable saunas that are available across the UK

Let's get into it!


Best Portable Home Sauna (& Steam Saunas) in the UK

  1. Nurecover (Best All Rounder)
  2. Reviiv (Best Portable Option)
  3. WillowBe (Best Cost Effective)
  4. Clearlight (Best High End)
  5. Costway (Best to buy if you're not sure yet)


We very recently added Nurecover to our list of the best portable ice baths in the UK, and the took our top spot. It wasn't until recently did we find our that they do portable home sauna's too.

This is one of the best examples of a portable sauna we have seen, but it is fairly pricey. It is quite the investment. However, if you do jump in then it has 7 temperature settings and a handy timer, and stands at a huge 6'1ft - so some pretty big people can get in here comfortably.

The materials are quality and the reviews online look very good too.

You can get 15% off the Nurecover home suna by using this code at checkout - YouWell. Head here for more information -



REVIIV Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

I bet that you hadn't expected to see a blanket on a list of the best portable saunas. Well, there is. This one is superb and the blanket format is actually a much more effective way to enjoy the recovery powers of a sauna while on the move.

The blanket uses infrared to warm your core body temperature, which is said to be far more effective (for weight loss and burning calories) than actual heat.

The format of the portable sauna as a blanket makes it easier to store, move and travel with. It is sleek and easy to slip into your suitcase or carry via a bag.

Also, the blankets' fit makes it so much more comfortable than one of the tents and you can enjoy a nice sauna just about anywhere you wish to - whether that be at home, in the garden outside or in a hotel room.

The VevIIv portable sauna is available via their website, or via

REVIIV Sauna blanket

WillowyBe Portable Steam Sauna

This portable sauna is basically a portable steam room, but the two are very similar; it is just the humidity that makes them different.

This portable steam sauna is ideal for home, but can be set up within the minute, and warmed up within 10. Which is pretty sleek.

The sauna has a 2.6L steam pit that has 15 temperature settings and can get up to temperatures as high as 60℃. The device sits in the middle of the tent and disperses the heat throughout the sauna, and can be infused with botanicals of your choosing. Whether that be some menthol to clear your sinuses or lemon for a total detox.

Unlike some of the other portable steam devices here, the Willowybe covers your entire body - including your head and face.

The tent can support people 130kg and 80 inches in height. It is easy to fold and place away for the next sauna sesh.

You can purchase and learn more about this steam room here:

Sauna portable

Clearlight - Portable Sauna

On the higher end of the portable sauna, is the sauna provided by Clearlight.

They have a fully insulated set-up that even has patent pending innovation for their carbon and ceramic True Wave™ Far Infrared heating system.

They have a low EMF output which protects you from harmful magnetic fields, which have been proven to cause cancer and even affect your body's ability to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone).

If you're curious about the planet, you're going to love this too. The parts are made from 100% organic hemp (one of the most sustainable substances on the planet) and memory foam to add an extra layer of luxury.

Other than being easy to set up, this is a stand-out example of one of the best portable saunas you'll find in the UK.

Check out the clear light portable sauna via their website here:

Clearlight portable sauna

Costway Portable Steam Sauna

The Costway is one of the most popular options for a portable steam sauna on the internet and is the style of sauna that seems to get the best reviews online.

The sauna is like a box around your body with your head poking out of the top. The tent is warmed by a 3L steamer that has a tempered glass top and digital displays to set your desired temperature.

Your Costway also comes with a folding chair, a box to add herbs or essential oils, and an absorbent mat to help prevent water leakage when getting in and out.

What also makes this portable sauna so effective is its compact nature, and its ability to be used pretty much anywhere - carried in its own little carry bag. Whether you use it at home, outside or while on the move, you're unlikely to find a product as great as this one.

You can find the Costway portable sauna on

Costway portable sauna

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article about the best portable sauna in the UK has been helpful, and you've managed to find one that suits exactly what you're looking for.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the article then please add a comment in the comment section below.

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