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5 of the best instant porridge pots you can buy

It has been said for generations: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What people used to eat when intimidate fasting wasn't a lifestyle choice, was a hearty bowl of porridge. 

Porridge is still very much one of the best breakfasts or lunches you can have, but it is often quite inconvenient. It takes a little bit of preparation, and if you don't have all the right ingredients (oats, milk and a flavouring) it can be easier just to grab an unhealthy alternative. 

So, some smart people have created the porridge pot, which contains all the ingredients you need in a nice and easy container ready for you to eat: all you need to do, is add water. Now, porridge is a hard thing to get right. So, we decided to test and try a whole range of products to find the best porridge pots that you cab buy in the UK. 


Bio & Me gut-loving porridge pots

We've included the Bio & Me brand on our website a number of times, including in our healthiest granola guide and our guide to the best probiotic yoghurt. This is because every product made by this brand is packed with friendly bacteria which is good for your gut, including these porridge pots. Made using dates and a variety of seeds including pumpkin seeds and chia seeds, these Super Seedy & Nutty porridge pots are delicious and packed with goodness. Learn more and buy them here -


Bio & Me porridge pots

Quaker Oats

As you may expect, Quaker is the biggest (and oldest) porridge company in the UK. They have been producing and selling oats since 1877. So, you'd think they have this cracked? You'd be right.

One of the best porridge pots we tried was the Quaker original. It is a little more expensive than the others, but overall, the oats seemed much more filling and the texture was not as thick as some of the other porridge pots we had tried.

Quakers do a huge amount of other flavours, including golden syrup which contains fewer calories than the Lidl alternative, but the original for me was my favourite. I loved the creaminess and smooth porridge from this cup. I sometimes added raisins and that sweetened it up perfectly.

The original pot will cost you around the £1 and is quite a bit under 200 calories.

You can get the whole range of flavours (for slightly cheaper than in the supermarkets) on Amazon UK.


Quaker Oats

Morrisons Porridge Original

Morrisons has a great own-brand option for porridge pots - these pots contain 73% oat flakes, so you get lots of oats in each pot and we feel like you get really good value for money. They're also made using skimmed milk and without the use of artificial colours or flavours, making them quite a healthy option too. At 59p per pot, you can buy breakfast for yourself for a week for under a fiver. Learn more and buy them here -

Morrisons porridge pots original

Lidl's Crownfield Golden Syrup Porridge Pot

Of all the big supermarkets in the UK, Lidl has been the one with consistently great products for a fraction of the price of the bigger retailers. They really are showing the market leaders up.

This is also true when it comes to their porridge pots. There is a selection of a few flavours, but the golden syrup flavour is by far the best. It is sweet enough to hide the bland flavour of the porridge itself, but not too sweet that you're going over your sugar intake for the day.

Each porridge pot comes in at just over 200 calories and gives you 32g of carbs, 2.5g of fat and a very decent 8.6g of protein.

Overall, a very solid way to start the day. You can grab one in-store, or via their website.

Lidl Crownfields

Oatburst Original

Oatburst is an outlandish pick, but they are of of the best porridge pots when it comes to reviews on Amazon. There are over 70 reviews for the Outbust selection and most of them are rave reviews.

There are three flavours: original, golden syrup and apple/blueberry. Each is just as good as the next.

The website claims that the porridge takes one minute to be ready, but we found that it was closer to 2 minutes before it was perfect. Otherwise, it was a tad runny. The flavour was as you'd expect, but the oats were really nice and firm. They seemed to be much more filling than some of the cheaper supermarket porridge pots.

A tub of 8 will set you back roughly £8 online but you can get it with next day delivery. That is on Amazon UK of course.

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