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6 of the best popped crisps you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

We're used to seeing food trends come and go, particularly healthy food trends. But the trend of popped crisps doesn't seem to be going anywhere - it feels like everywhere we go at the moment we're seeing these crisps. But to be honest, we get the hype. By "popping" the potato rather than frying them, you can get all of the crunchiness that you'd expect from a crisp, but with way fewer calories.

There are so many popped crisps out there now that we thought it would be useful to round up the best that we've tried, let's get into the list:

PopWorks Sweet & Salty

We've started seeing these sweet & salty popped crisps from PopWorks stocked all over the place, and we're not surprised by that at all - as well as being very tasty, they're also 100% vegan and very simply made, with only 5 ingredients listed. Learn more and buy them here -

Sweet & salty popped crisps PopWorks

M&S popped potato chips

When it comes to interesting, healthy food, M&S is one of the best supermarkets in the UK. So we weren't surprised at all to find these popped potato chips at our local M&S, and we were actually able to buy them as part of a meal deal. With a touch of sea salt and apple cider vinegar, the flavour was lovely and we loved the popped texture. Each pack only contained 89 calories, and they were also completely gluten free and vegan. Learn more and buy them here -

M&S popped potato chips

Bepps popped barbecue flavour

Bepps is a brand of popped crisps that we're starting to see stocked in more places, and we're not surprised at all - they're really tasty, and as well as having the popped texture, they're also ridged which gives them an extra satisfying crunch. We're big fans of the barbecue flavour Bepps crisps which are not only very tasty, but are also low in calories at just 86 calories per pack. And because they're made using black eyed peas, they're also relatively high in protein at around 3g per pack. Learn more and buy them here -

Bepps popped


Popchips is probably the biggest popped crisps brand in the UK at the moment, and you'll generally find these crisps stocked in most major supermarket. Made using potato, we find that the taste is actually very similar to standard fried crisps, but they're obviously much lower in calories at just 100 calories per pack. The barbeque flavour is the most popular and probably the best that we tried, learn more and buy them here -


WW cheese & onion popped snacks

We actually included these popped crisps from WW in our low calorie crisps guide because each pack only contains 82 calories, which is really low. We've only tried the cheese and onion flavour (pictured) but thought they were really tasty. You can actually buy these as part of the Boots meal deal, so they make for a healthy snack as part of your lunch. Learn more and buy them here -

WW popped crisps

Bepps salt & black pepper

Another great option from the Bepps range is the salt & black pepper flavour, which is much more subtle than the barbecue flavour, but still tastes really good. If you look closely at the picture you'll see that these popped crisps have won a 'great taste' award, so we felt that we had to include them in our guide. Learn more and buy them here -

Bepps salt & black pepper

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some great-tasting popped crisps to try. If you haven't tried this type of crisp yet then we highly recommend you do, as they're not only very tasty but also generally lower in calories. If you're interested in similar guides, check out our guide to the best low calorie popcorn we've tried.

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