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6 orange juices you can buy that are really good

Published by Finn Hayden

There are more options for breakfast than ever, and it can often be overwhelming to know what to choose to start your day with.

But sometimes, the simple options are the best, and for years millions of people across the UK have decided to start their day with a glass of orange juice. And we're not surprised by this at all - orange juice is not only packed with goodness such as Vitamin C, but it's also delicious.

There are lots of options when it comes to great orange juice, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best orange juice that you can buy in the UK. None of the orange juice included in this guide is from concentrate. Let's get into it:

Pip Organic

We previously wrote about the healthy ice lollies from Pip Organic which we love, but the orange juice from the brand is really something special - it's made using the juiciest organic Valencia oranges that the team at Pip Organic can source, and all of the oranges used to make this juice are handpicked. This was also the only orange juice that we could find which has won a Great Taste award, which is really impressive. Learn more and buy it here -
Pip Organic orange juice

Sainsbury's Organic

We've mentioned previously that Sainsbury's is one of the best supermarkets in the UK for organic products, and nothing demonstrates that better than the fact that you can buy organic own-brand orange juice from the supermarket. We visited lots of supermarkets and Sainsbury's was the only supermarket where we found this option. The orange juice is absolutely delicious too - it's currently sitting with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the Sainsbury's website. Learn more and buy it here -
Sainsbury's Organic orange juice

Copella Smooth Orange

Copella is definitely known by most as an apple juice brand, but don't let that put you off - the Smooth Orange juice from Copella is delicious. It's made using handpicked seasonal oranges which are squeezed and pressed at Boxford farm in Suffolk. You can buy 900ml bottles of this orange juice, and each 900ml bottle contains 12 oranges. Learn more and buy it here -
Copella smooth orange


Innocent is probably best known as a smoothie brand, but the brand has turned its hand to a number of similar products, including coconut water. Innocent also has a range of straightforward fruit juices, which includes this excellent orange juice. The oranges used to make this orange juice are sustainably sourced, and aside from oranges, there is absolutely nothing else added to it. Learn more and buy it here -
Innocent orange

Waitrose No.1

It wouldn't really be a good guide without a mention of Waitrose, as so many of the own-brand food and drink products from Waitrose are excellent. The No.1 orange juice from Waitrose is a great example of this - the oranges used to make this orange juice are hand picked, and each 1 litre bottle contains the juice of 13 oranges. You can buy a smooth version of this orange juice, but we love the variety with bits. Learn more and buy it here -
Waitrose No.1


Tropicana is one of the best-known and most beloved orange juice brands in the UK, and we absolutely think that the brand is worthy of this acclaim. The oranges used to make this orange juice are squeezed within 24 hours of being picked by hand, to ensure a fresh and zesty taste. Our favourite orange juice from the Tropicana range is definitely the 'Original' variety, which has bits but is still very drinkable. But you can also buy a lot of really interesting varieties of orange juice from the brand, including orange and mango juice. Learn more and buy it here -


We hope this guide helps you to find some excellent orange juice. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us to try!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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