Best Oodie alternatives that we’ve found

The Oodie is a hoodie blanket that has exploded in popularity recently, particularly with more people working from home during lockdown. The issue that some people have is that the Oodie products can be a little bit expensive, however, we found some great Oodie alternatives that you can check out if you're looking for something a little cheaper and different. Let's get into it:

The Comfy - best for a Shark Tank endorsed hoodie blanket

If you're based in the UK you might be familiar with Dragons Den, where businesses go to try and get investment from some of the biggest names in business. In the States, they have Shark Tank, their bombastic equivalent. The team behind The Comfy appeared on Shark Tank, and their product was very well received. We think this is a great Oodie alternative because their product selection is really straightforward and no-nonsense, plus you can also buy this one from Amazon UK (even though the brand is based in the USA).

The easiest and fasted way to order The Comfy is this link right here.

The Comfy

Sienna hoodie blanket - best for an easy Amazon order

If you're looking for a hoodie blanket similar to the Oodie that will arrive quickly and without fuss, then definitely try the Sienna hoodie blanket. You can buy it from Amazon and it is actually within the category of 'Amazon's Choice'. The Sienna hoodie blanket is available in a few different colours and styles, including a similar grey to what you can get from Oodie. One main difference with Sienna is that you can't get patterns and styles such as the Rick and Morty pattern from Oodie, but the classic styles are still pretty cool. Check out the Sienna hoodie blankets here -

Sienna hoodie blanket - best for a large hoodie blanket

If you're looking for a really big Oodie alternative then look no further than the hoodie blankets from This brand is known for creating a range of quality blankets and bedding accessories, but their range of hoodie blankets is really popular. Their 6XL hoodie blanket is one of the best value hoodie blankets you can buy, and comes in a 'one size fits all' size. The blanket has a MicroCool exterior and a sherpa fleece interior, making it super comfortable and breathable. What's pretty cool about the hoodie blankets from is that you can buy them with pattern styles, including a cute Koala one. There is also a 30-day moneyback guarantee, check out the 6XL hoodie blanket here - 6XL hoodie blanket

Three Poodle - Best for Kids

We thought we include an option for kids. Three Poodle sherpa Oodie for kids is at the top end of the price range, but the top end of the 'cool' scale. We've included this alternative simply because of its design and the reviews.

Although this is the most expensive of our inclusions, somebody will find this value for money. You're paying for the designer brand.

The easiest place to get the Three Poodle Kids Oodie is here.


Snuggy - best for a premium Oodie alternative

The Oodie products are really well-made and high quality, so a good alternative would also have to be quality. That's why we love the hoodie blankets from Oodie - the products are pretty straightforward in terms of design, but they're made from materials such as sherpa fleece, plus they're handcrafted which is really impressive. Take a look at the Snuggy products here -

Snuggy hoodie blanket

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