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Best Oat Milk We’ve Tried from the UK

There was a time that you could ask for just about any milk in your coffee. Nut milk, actual milk, fake milk and oat milk. Strangely enough, it is oat milk that is universally loved by milk drinkers, and milk avoiders. Both groups love oat milk. I can see why.

Oat milk basically a plant-based milk that is produced by blending soaked oats with water, then straining the mixture to remove the solids. The resulting liquid has a creamy texture and a mild, slightly sweet yet with a nice note of savoury.

Not only has Oat Milk become super popular in recent years as a dairy-free alternative to cow's milk, but many people prefer the taste to regular milk.

As another huge plus, it is naturally lactose-free (great for those with dairy intolerances and allergies), is packed with nutrients (like fibre, calcium, and vitamin D) and is much lower in fat than regular cow's milk, and is way more environmentally friendly.



Oatly is not only the most popular oat milk brand in the UK, it is most probably the best. The brand itself originated in Sweden and has climbed its way to being one of the biggest oat milk producers in the world.

Oatly was founded on being enviromentally friendly, and a fantastic milk alternative that didn't break the bank. The oat milk is creamy, smooth texture and has a perfect neutral taste that compliments your tea or coffee perfectly. It is delicious out of the tub too.

Oatly have loads of different options for their oat milk, but the original is still the best. You can find them in pretty much every UK coffee shop, high-street supermarket and corner shop.

You can find their full selection via their online storefront.

Oatly Milk

Glebe Farm

Glebe Farm is a family-run business in Cambridgeshire that produces a range of gluten-free products, including oat milk. It is fantastic to see a British company really making waves and producing one of the best oat milk products you can buy.

Their oat milk is made with British oats and locally sourced ingredients (making it fresher and way more environmentally friendly), plus it hasĀ  a lovely creamy texture and froths up brilliantly if you're making yourself a fancy coffee.

Glebe Farm is easily one of our favourite oat milks out there. They are available in Sainsbury's but it is widely available across the UK.

Learn more about their Oat Milk right here via their Amazon UK profile (easy bulk prices with next-day delivery).

GLebe Farm

Minor Figures Barista Oat (Best for Baristas)

Minor Figures looks like a London based brand, and you'd be right in thinking that it is a London-based brand. A right proper hipster design for a hipster drink.

Minor Figures make a sizable range of plant-based milks, but they also produce one of the best oat milk that is made right here in the UK.

Like their designs, their oat milk is made with organic oats (locally sourced) and has a really nice smooth texture, with a very slightly nutty aftertaste which is absolutely delicious.

The oat milk is specifically good for baristas as it foams up like cow's milk. You'll find that lots of good London coffee shops stock this brand.

Find more about the prducts via their website here:

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Moma Oat Milk

Moma Oat milk is an award-winning brand that produces a load of oat-based products (porridge, oat granola - pretty much everything you can think off).

They have been producing oat-based products for over 16 years and their passion has led them to awards, fame fortune (maybe) and being stocked in most supermarkets and high-street shops.

The brand makes its oat milk in the UK and is well known for its creamy smooth milk, which has a beautiful nutty sweetness. It really goes well with a nice strong peppery coffee bean (or a bowl of their low sugar Granola).

The formula is super nutrient dense and is unsweetened, so a very healthy alternative to cows milk.

You can find them in Sainsbury's and more information about the product here:

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Califia Farms

Califia Farms are a US company from (guess, where? Yes) California. They were established in 2010 and set up to find plant-based alternatives to coffee creamers, cereals, and milk.

The brand has made it's way across the pond and onto the shelves of supermarkets here in the UK.

While oat milk is one of the best in the UK, it doesn't quite come up against some of the other brands listed here (in our opinion). The milk is smooth and creamy, but it has a bitterness that lingers. It isn't as sweet but way more nutty than, say, Oatly.

In saying that, the spiced oat milk from Califia Farms is genuinely amazing. It makes a fantastic spiced late or just a really interesting spicy drink.

You can find all of the options available in the UK right here on Amazon UK.

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