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The Best Mucuna Supplements & Capsules you’ll find in the UK

Mucuna is one of thse suplements that has just seemed to have come out of nowhere, but it is another very powerful traditional medicine from Africa and Asia. The supplement is derieved from what is often called the 'Velvet bean plant (Mucuna pruriens) or a cowhage. It has gained attention inline for several well-being benefits which comes from a chemical found in the beans - L-Dopa.

L-Dopais a plant derived precurser for dopamine, which is a neurotransmiitter partly responcible for the feelings of happiness, but also play s a role in sleep and memory. Therefore, many report a boost in mood and cognitive function, an increased ability to perform fine motor skills and attention to detail.

There are a range of different kinds of Mucuna supplements and capsules that are available across the UK, and we wen't on to explore the very best of them. Like all new supplements, it is easy to get conned by cowboys and supplements that do not contain the correct active ingredients. We've done the research and hard work for you.

So, here are our reccommendations. Let's get into it:


Best Mucuna Supplements & Capsules (2023)

  1. Life Essentials (98% L-Dopa)
  2. SIMHA Mucuna Capsules
  3. Indigo Herbs Mucuna Powder
  4. British Supplements Capsules
Life Essentials Mucuna

Life Essentials 98% L-Dopa

There are few companies selling Mucuna, and even fewer who properly source and lab test their products. Life Essentials thankfully are not one of those companies and are one of our trusted 'go tos' for most natural supplements and remedies.

Each capsule contains 500mgs of Mucuna extract which is tested to contain up to 98% of the essential L-Dopa compound.

You should expect that the capsules contain 100% Mucuna extract without any added ingredients, like fillers or bulking agents. The capsules are vegan friendly and come in


For more information you can find their Mucuna capsules, and other products, by visiting their website: Life Essentials

SIMHA Mucuna Capsules

With 60 vegan capsules in each bag, the Mucuna capsules from Simha are some of the best you can buy.

Each is packed with approx 450mgs of Mucuna. Awaiting confirmation of organic certification from the Soil Association, this product is sourced from a trusted family in Punjab, India.

The product itself is one of the highest rated on amazon with just 53 reviews. It shows how small the current Mucuna market is.

If you are looking for the best Mucuna capsules on Amazon, then these may just be the ones you should buy.

Check them out on

SIMHA Herbs Macuna Powder

Indigo Herbs Mucuna Powder

Indio Herbs are one of the best natural supplement companies in the UK. They are a firm favourite for us and we regularly enjoy their mushroom complexes.

The company also produce their own Mucuna powder which we rate as one of the best Mucuna supplements you can find online.

This particular product has over 90 reviews on Trustpilot and many of them are 5 stars.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find their products on Amazon, but you can find the powder on their website here:


Indigo Herbs Mucuna Powder

British Supplements

One of the most contrivertial supplements on the internet is British Supplements. They do however, produce on of the very best Mucuna supplements and capsules you'll find in the UK. They pop up on online recommendations accross the web and have a reitively good score on Trustpilot.

Interestinly, while the company do offer good quality products, their trustpilot is a mixed bag of experiences, and some enjoyable spats between customers and the owner.

For more information about their Mucuna capsules, you can find them on their website.


British Supplements capsules

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you've managed to find you choice for the best Mucuna and L-Dopa supplements. We have our choices, but please feel free to make any suggestions for products that you've enjoyed in the past, or if you have any experience with the products we've already included



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