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The 10 highest quality mineral waters you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

To some people, it seems totally crazy to pay for bottles of water when you can get it from the tap. But although tap water will do the job of keeping you hydrated and refreshed, there is no denying that drinking mineral water will provide you with a number of benefits that tap water will not provide. We're lucky here in the UK to have lots of great mineral water options on our supermarket shelves for anyone who wants to swap their tap water for something a bit fancier, let's take a look at the best mineral water you can buy in the UK:

CanO Water

The first thing we'd acknowledge about CanO Water is that the can design does look a little strange. But unlike most canned drinks, you can actually open and close the can as you drink it, so don't worry about having to drink this entire 500ml can as soon as it is open.

Plus, the reason for using the can is actually quite sensible - firstly, it's much better for recycling (cans are much easier to recycle compared to plastic bottles). Plus, we think it makes the water taste better! As for the water inside the can, it comes from the Austrian Alps.

Water in a can

As explained on the CanO Water website, the water has a high PH level of 7.9 and also has increased alkaline concentrations, which according to the CanO Water team makes for purer and tastier water.

We love the can design and we also love the taste of this mineral water, learn more and buy it here -

Liquid Death

We're including this here because of the sheer popularity of this brand. Liquid death is currently being promoted on every big podcast and is enjoyed by numerous celebrities who rave about the water.

Each of these cans contains 100% mountain water (contains naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals) which has been sourced from deep beneath the rock. What's more, each box has a limited edition art piece on it. That in itself could be worth something in the future. If you want to read our full thoughts on this water then check out our review to Liquid Death

Liquid Death cans of water

If you want to get on the hype train then be our guest. It is available on Amazon UK.


You might have seen these glass bottles on the M&S shelves and rolled your eyes a bit at the idea of paying upwards of £2 for a strange-looking glass bottle of water, but VOSS is actually a very good mineral water brand, albeit a little pricey.

We love the detailed Mineral Analysis that we found on the VOSS website which provided a great breakdown of the minerals found in the water. This included Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

VOSS also proudly display the low levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in their water, which is a huge factor to consider when buying mineral water for drinking. Basically, the lower the TDS levels, the better and safer water is to drink. The EPA recommends no more than 500 ppm as the maximum amount of TDS for your drinking water, which is the sort of level you'll find most tap water at.

VOSS water

VOSS water is 40 ppm. This is more of an American metric (VOSS is a Norwegian brand but is popular in the States too), but it's still a useful metric to pay attention to when deciding which mineral water to drink. Learn more and buy it here -

FIJI water

The FIJI water brand has been around for a long time, and you might actually recognise the brand from those viral videos where this water becomes frozen immediately, apparently because of how pure it is.

This water is certainly an outlier in this list, as it's the only water we've included which doesn't come from Europe (it is, as the name suggests, sourced from Fiji). So if you're concerned about the carbon footprint of your water, this might be one to avoid. But if we're honest, it's the remote source of the water which really sets this mineral water apart - it is made from tropical rainwater which trickles through volcanic rock.

FIJI water

Whether or not this makes the water taste better than water from Europe is a matter of preference, but one thing which is undeniable is that Fiji water is packed with minerals. Just like Volvic, the volcanic rock that Fiji water is filtered through infuses the water with lots of minerals, and seeing silica on the mineral analysis sheet certainly piqued our interest.

Learn more and buy it here -


Thinking about the PH of the water you're drinking might sound like something reserved for chemistry class, but the PH of the mineral water you're drinking can actually have a significant impact on how your body reacts to the water. According to some studies, higher alkaline water can be useful for some health issues, but more research is needed into this before concrete claims can be made.

If you've seen ActiPH water on your local supermarket shelves, you'd be forgiven for thinking it is some kind of energy drink. And it's definitely true that this isn't just normal mineral water - this is actually spring water from Shropshire (with added electrolytes) which is ionized by passing a current through it.

ActiPH water

This might sound like overkill, but this extra treatment of the water actually makes it more alkaline, which in turn makes the water taste cleaner and smoother. We actually have an entire guide about alkaline water if you want to see other recommendations. It's a lot of work to make water taste nicer, but that's why we think this is one of the best mineral waters you can buy in the UK.

Learn more and buy it here -


So far we've only included premium brands in this list, but there are some excellent mineral water brands in the UK that won't cost you too much to buy.

For example, Volvic can be picked up for well under £1 per litre and is very good quality - it's pretty well-known that Volvic water comes from Volcanic rock (the Auvergne volcanic region in France, to be specific), but what is not as well known is why this is beneficial.

The water is filtered for 5 years through 4 types of volcanic rock, which gives the water its unique mineral composition.

Learn more and buy it here -

Volvic mineral water

Highland Spring

Ask any Scottish person about the quality of their tap water and you'll almost certainly be met with a knowing smile - Scots are proud of their water.

The Scottish landscape almost feels like it was designed especially to produce excellent water. From the rolling Highlands to the large lochs, the land is perfect for creating mineral-rich, pure water. So it is no surprise to see the biggest mineral water brand in Scotland popping up in this list.

Highland Spring has a reputation which extends well beyond Scotland, and you'll spot their bottles in many supermarkets across the rest of the UK. The Highland Spring water is sourced from a section of the Ochil Hills which is owned by the brand. This allows the land to be kept free from pollution, pesticides, or habitation, ensuring purity and quality. The water filtrates through sandstone for 15 years before being bottled.

It's quality stuff, and is actually one of the more affordable options in this list. Plus, the water is considered to be lightly mineralised and has a pH of 7.8. Learn more and buy it here -

Highland Spring


Evian is another mineral water brand which is French, but has firmly established itself as one of the biggest mineral water brands here in the UK.

The water is sourced from a protected area of the French Alps, and according to Evian, the water filtrates through this area for 15 years before being bottled. Unlike some of the other brands included in this list, Evian are proud that they haven't added anything to their water to enhance it - on their website they proudly state that nature adds all the electrolytes and minerals that are needed.

Looking at the mineral analysis for the water, it's not hard to see why Evian feel they don't need to add anything else to the water, as it already has high levels of nitrates and other minerals like calcium.

The ph of 7.2 gives it a slightly different taste from some of the more alkaline water in this list. Learn more and buy it here -


Aqua Pura Natural Mineral Water

Aqua Pura is a lesser-known brand here in the UK, but we absolutely think they are worthy of more attention. Originating from Cumbria, the water is sourced from the Eden Valley, where it is also bottled. The aquifer which the Aqua Pura water flows through is made from ancient rocks, which are rich in minerals and which enhance the mineral composition and flavour of the water. We think we'll continue to see this brand grow here in the UK, learn more and buy their water here -

Aqua Pura

Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water

This seriously fancy-looking mineral water from Acqua Panna is from the hills of Tuscany, and you might recognise it from restaurant tables.

In fact, many chefs here in the UK like to serve Acqua Panna alongside their meals due to the unique mineral composition, which some chefs believe perfectly complements their dishes. The Acqua Panna brand dates back to the late 19th century, and was the first brand to produce bottled water in Italy.

The mineral composition includes 6.9mg of Magnesium per litre and 30.2mg of Calcium per litre. The glass bottles really add a classy touch, learn more and buy this mineral water here -

Acqua Panna water

So hopefully the above list shows what an excellent selection of mineral water we have in the country. Let us know what you think of our list and if you have any other mineral water brands you'd like us to try!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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