Best mattresses – 4 excellent options to help you enjoy a comfortable sleep

Published by Finn Hayden

Getting a good night's sleep can make or break your day, which is why we write so many guides about products which are designed to improve your sleep. Although these products can be really useful, there is no denying that a great night's sleep starts with the mattress that you sleep on. If your current mattress is uncomfortable, then it doesn't matter what supplements you're taking to help you doze off, you won't be asleep for very long.

A mattress is an expensive investment, which is why we thought it would be useful to round up the best mattresses that you can buy in the UK as of 2023. We'll be looking at a number of factors, including price, material, and more. We'll also be basing our choices not just on our experiences with the mattresses, but also on third-party reviews from sites like Trustpilot.

How did we choose the best mattress for this guide?

We'll clarify first of all that although we didn't buy all of these mattresses to try them, we've actually lied down on every single mattress mentioned in this guide. The testing involved taking a trip to our local John Lewis and lying down on lots of mattresses, which was a fun way to spend a few hours. We also chose mattresses based on the third-party reviews that they've received.


Let's get into the guide:

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate - best for posture

As the name suggests, the Posturepedic mattresses from Sealy are designed to maintain your body's natural posture as you sleep.
The team at Sealy believes that a good mattress should allow your spine to maintain its neutral posture whilst you sleep, so that's exactly what the Posturepedic Elevate mattress has been designed to do - Sealy actually works with the International Orthopaedic Advisory Board to design their mattresses. Each of the Elevate mattresses has 4 main components which make it so good - firstly, it's made using patented Alignsupport Coils, which will only ever be found in a Sealy Posturepedic mattress.
These coils are twice tempered to keep their spring and support for years. The mattresses from Sealy are also Unicased, which means the mattress has a bit more structure compared to standard mattresses, and it's harder to roll off.
The BasePlank is the plane which sits under the mattress and it is designed to allow air to move through the mattress. And lastly, the structure of the mattress is designed to create a perfect sleeping surface. Impressively, all of the mattresses from Sealy are handmade in the UK, including the Elevate.
We're really impressed with the Elevate mattress, learn more and buy it here -
Sealy mattress


Like Simba, Emma Mattresses are some of the most interesting you'll find. They are superb quality and use cutting-edge technology to ensure a cool, comfortable night's sleep while supporting your body and limiting soreness when you wake up.

The Emma NextGen premium mattress is award-winning and listed as one of the best options in the UK across multiple platforms.

We're very certain that if you choose Emma then you'll be having the best night's sleep in years. for more information about their mattresses, you can find it on their website here:

Emma Mattress


By far, the most interesting mattress you an buy online in the UK is the HiGrid - and is the best mattress if you get a little too hot at night.

The mattress is specifically designed with patented SmartGRID Technology.  Unlike memory foam or latex, the hyper-elastic polymer grid structure adapts to the unique curves of the body.

HiGRID stands head and shoulders above memory foam mattresses in terms of adaptability and temperature regulation. The SmartGRID's responsive design ensures that it remains cool throughout the night too.

Whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the mattress can facilitate optimal airflow, creating a refreshingly cool sleep.

This is considered by many as the very best matteress you can buy. It is available on

TEMPUR Original mattress - best for sharing

We imagine that most of you will be familiar with the TEMPUR brand as it is probably one of the best-known mattress brands in the UK.


We think the Original mattresses from TEMPUR have the perfect medium feel for people who want a good balance between a small and firm mattress. Each of these mattresses has a zip-off cover which is machine washable, and the mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee.

These mattresses are ideal for people who are sharing bed with a partner, as TEMPUR transfers very little motion. This means that as your partner moves during the night, you'll barely feel it. The viscoelastic cells within the mattress are designed to absorb movement and energy, and TEMPUR is much more effective at doing this compared to standard memory foam mattresses. One of the great things about the Tempur Original mattresses is that they're designed to be "no turn", so you should never need to turn the mattress over to retain the firmness.

Also, if you look at the Trustpilot reviews for the Original Tempur mattresses, you'll see that the product is currently sitting with an 'Excellent' rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Leam more and buy it here -

TEMPUR Original mattress


Simba is very quickly becoming a trusted and award-winning UK brand with an impressive track record of over 250,000 five-star reviews and numerous industry accolades.

T3 magazine and Which? have both recognized Simba with Best Buy awards, while endorsements from Good Housekeeping Institute and Ideal Home reinforce their credibility.

Similar to the HiGrid Mattress, the Simba uses an open cell foam technology that ensures 30 times more airflow compared to standard memory foam, ensuring a cooler sleep on warmer nights.

Simba's support base incorporates seven distinct zones strategically designed to provide enhanced cushioning support to critical pressure points like the hips and shoulders.

Simba also uses an allergen-free, soft, knitted mattress cover to ensure a sneeze-free sleep environment.

There are so many interesting features from Simba which makes them one of the best mattress brands available in the UK. For more information, you can find their full product range on their storefront.

Hypnos Wool Origins 6 - best for temperature control

It's the intelligent pocket spring system which makes Hypnos mattresses so comfortable, and every mattress from the brand is made using this system.

But it's the Wool Collection from Hypnos that we believe to be the best mattresses that you can buy from the brand - they're made from pure wool which is 100% British and which comes from Red Tractor assured farms. Wool is a great substance for making mattresses from because the material will naturallly regulate your body's temperature and moisture levels.

This means the mattress will keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months, all without the use of fancy technology, just good-quality wool. Wool is also naturally anti-bacterial, helping to keep your bed cleaner. Every mattress from Hypnos is handmade in Buckinghamshire, and the wool used is unbleached and 100% traceable.

We think you can really feel the quality when you like down on a Hypnos mattress from the Wool Origins range.

Learn more and buy it here -

Hypnos wool origins mattress

Vispring Magnificence - best for a supportive springy mattress

The Vispring brand has been making beds since the very start of the 20th century, and is famous for pioneering the first pocket spring mattress in 1901.

And it's still springs which really set apart these mattresses from other brands, especially in the case of the Magnificence mattress from Vispring. This mattress contains 2812 springs which are spread across 2 in a hand-nested calico pocket spring construction, giving support and a gentle springiness across every inch of the mattress.

On top of this, it's made using 100% natural fillings, including real Shetland wool and Austrian Moosburger horsetail. Every mattress made by Vispring is hand-filled and the Magnificence mattress includes hand-tied woollen tufts and twine. It's a beautiful made mattress and the spring coverage is seriously impressive.

Learn more and buy it here -

Vispring Magnificence mattress

We hope this guide helps you to find an excellent mattress to suit your needs. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us to try!

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