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Manuka honey that is packed with goodness and tastes great (7 we love)

Published by Finn Hayden

Manuka Honey has gone from being a niche health product to something which you can find in just about any decent high-street health shop. With proven benefits from both eating this honey daily and applying it topically to the skin, it is no wonder that Manuka Honey has completely exploded in popularity in recent years. But when looking to buy Manuka Honey, it can actually be quite confusing. And because this special honey is so expensive, you really want to make sure you're buying good stuff. That's why we thought it would be really useful to publish a guide outlining what we believe to be the best Manuka honey you can buy in the UK currently, based on our own experiences and third-party reviews. Let's get into it:

Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor is one of the biggest brands in the UK right now, with some impressive celebrity endorsements and an extensive range of products. But what we really like about this brand is its commitment to testing and tracing - each batch of honey is tested 5 times before it is packed. This starts in New Zealand, where the honey is harvested, and it's also tested here in the UK, all at independent laboratories. The MGO Ratings for this Manuka Honey are also tested for by independent laboratories. Usefully, there is a batch/MGO checker on the Manuka Doctor website that you can use to see exactly where your honey has come from. On top of all of this great transparency, the honey also tastes great. You can find this stocked in Holland & Barrett or you can buy it online, learn more here -

Manuka Doctor

Manuka Lab

The one aspect of the Manuka Lab ethos that we really like is their commitment to sustainability and fairness - yes, it's all good to see brands doing the lab testing to ensure MGO ratings and the like, but what about the areas of New Zealand where the Manuka Honey is actually being taken from? There is an extensive section on the Manuka Lab website where the brand outlines how their Fair Share Programme gives a portion of profits back to the people who own the land where the Manuka Honey is sourced from.  This is great! On top of this, we really liked the extensive range of naturally flavoured Manuka honey that you can buy from this brand, all of which has been flavoured naturally using things like lemon and ginger. You can buy Manuka Honey ranging from 40+ MGO all the way up to 850+ MGO, learn more here -

Manuka Lab

Manuka Pharm

Each batch of Manuka Pharm has been tested twice before it is ready to sell, which isn't as comprehensive as some of the other brands we've included in this list. But what we really like about the Manuka Pharm range is that it has an affordable entry point - you can buy a jar of their honey for just £15, which is one of the cheapest jars of Manuka Honey we could find. All of their honey is packed in New Zealand and subject to the intense scrutiny of the New Zealand government, so you can be assured that what you are buying is genuine Manuka Honey. We were surprised to learn that this is a family owned business and is a New-Zealand owned business which is based in Leicestershire.  This is a reliable, affordable brand and we'd say they're ideal for people getting started with Manuka Honey, learn more here -

Manuka Pharm

Heather Hills Farm

Of all the brands we've included in this list, Heather Hills Farm definitely feels like the odd one out. Firstly, this brand is based in Scotland, and is probably best known for its range of specialist flavoured honey rather than for its range of Manuka Honey. But because this small Scottish brand is so committed to producing excellent honey, the Heather Hills Farm Manuka Honey also happens to be excellent. Made using Manuka tea tree flowers sourced from New Zealand, the honey has an MGO rating of 10+ which is definitely on the lower side of the MGO rating scale, but it's packed with flavour and the antimicrobial benefits of the MGO. If you're looking for a Manuka Honey which doesn't just do you good but also tastes amazing, this is the honey to go for. Learn more and buy it here -

Heather Hills Farm Manuka honey

Comvita Manuka Honey MGO 263+

On their website, the team at Comvita describes themselves as "the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of Manuka honey". Although that statement may be up for debate, there is no denying that the brand is producing high-quality Manuka honey which is very popular. We've seen it stocked in Boots, where it flies off the shelves. All of their Manuka Honey products are up to the UMF™ standard which is backed by the New Zealand government. The team behind the brand is obviously passionate about what they do, and their products are high quality. Learn more and buy it here -

Comvita Manuka Honey

Manuka Health

Manuka Health is a New Zealand brand that has been around since 2006, and they're definitely one of the most trusted names in the industry. The brand also helped to pioneer testing for MGO after it became apparent that this was the compound which was responsible for much of the benefit of Manuka Honey.  We love the little touches that Manuka Health adds to its products, like the ‘birth certificate’ on the jars which are basically a QR code that can be scanned to find out more about the product. Overall, we're impressed by the Manuka Health range and like that they offer products ranging from MGO 30+ all the way up to MGO 950+. Learn more and buy the products here -

Manuka Health

Hilltop premium multifloral manuka honey

The Hilltop brand of honey is very popular in the UK, and most people are familiar with the standard squeezy honey that is produced by this brand. But not many people realise that this brand makes an excellent range of Manuka honey too. For those of you who don't enjoy the taste of monofloral Manuka honey, we think you'll enjoy the taste of this multifloral alternative. Learn more and buy it here -

Hilltop manuka honey

Egmont Honey

What we really like about the Egmont Honey range is that their products are split into Everyday Use and Targeted Use, which makes it really easy for people who are totally new to Manuka Honey to decide which product to go for. If you're totally new to all of this then the Everyday Use Manuka honey from this brand is a great option - it's Multifloral and has a milder taste than the Monofloral Manuka honey from Egmont, which makes it a bit more versatile for adding to food and things like that. If you're looking to use Manuka honey for something specific then the Targeted Use range of products from Egmont Honey is ideal - this honey comes solely from the nectar of the Manuka, meaning it has a higher MGO rating and is better suited to taking directly via the spoonful rather than mixing into other foods. We love the Egmont Honey range, learn more here -


The world of Manuka Honey can be confusing as there are so many factors to consider, and if you're not familiar with MGO ratings and the like then it can be hard to know where to start. But hopefully, our guide will help to select an excellent Manuka honey to try. Let us know what you think is the best Manuka honey brand!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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