Best Manual Coffee Grinder We’ve Found in the UK

Upon writing a recent blog post, we found the need for a coffee grinder. We have been writing about the best coffee beans that we can find in the UK and it dawned on us that we did not have a grinder ourselves.

So, we decided to do a little bit of research along with our coffee drinking. While it is possible to pick up an electric grinder they can be quite expensive and unreliable, so we purchased a bunch of more cost-effective manual coffee grinders to see what we thought.

Without further ado, these are the best manual coffee grinders that we have found in the UK.


The Best Hand & Manual Coffee Grinders UK

Comandantie Hand Grinder - Best Overall Manual Coffee Grinder

Right at the very top end is the Comandante manual grinder. It is considered by many as the very best manual coffee grinder that money can buy. There are a few good reasons for this.

Firstly, the Comandante do not do half measures. The grinder is hand-made using extremely high-quality materials and has a very smooth action. There is little sticking or need for elbow grease.

The grinder also has a number of settings which allow you to adjust the coarseness of the coffee grinds and gives you ultimate control over the finished grind. It makes a huge difference to be able to get a consistent end result.

This is the choice for home coffee lovers and award-winning baristas alike.

You can pick up the Camandatie coffee grinder on Amazon UK, or check out their website where they have a load of different colours and customisable parts.


Vzaahu Manual Grinder - Best Hand Grinder for French Press

When looking at a manual coffee grinder, you don't need anything too complicated or expensive. You just need something that works, won't break and is easy to use.

The Vzaahu coffee grinder is produced with high-quality materials and has a professional ergonomic design. The handle fits perfectly in your hand and it doesn't feel like the gears are about to snap when grinding the coffee.

Even though there were more expensive and more flashy grinders, I liked this one due to it's simplicity and smooth handle.

The grinder also has 6 settings for how coarse you'd like your coffee. The only complaint is that the grind is not on a gradient, so you're stuck with the settings provided.

You can pick up this grinder, and others under the same brand, for a reasonable price via their store on amazon UK


Manual Coffee Grinder

Hario - Best Hand Grinder For Pour Over

Hario are one of the most popular coffee grinder brands in the UK, by a long way. They are used by coffee lovers and baristas across the UK.

The ergonomic design makes it very easy to hold while grinding and the large glass undercarriage is a great size to fill up with extra coffee. It makes it one of the more suitable hand coffee grinders for a pour-over. 

What's great about this company is that they have coffee drinkers at the heart of everything they are doing. They sell a starter pack which contains a grinder, and a pour-over set. Well worth it. 

Check it out on their website:

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1Zpresso - Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso & Aeropress

So, you're real into coffee? So much so that you're looking for a hand grinder that will last you for life and will make the perfect grind for Espresso every time.

The grinder has over 20 grind settings which give you ultimate control over how big you want the coffee grinds to be, making it a perfect hand coffee grinder for your espresso.

The reason why this is so good for the Aeropress is that the grinds need to be quite fine, or at least as fine as you make them from an espresso.

Other than being a very handy bit of kit, the grinder has a 1 year warranty and is able to grind an estimated 200kg of coffee in it's lifetime. Put it this way, it takes me 3 months to get through even 1kg.

The grinder is made with stainless steel and has a fantastic quality of production. It is possible to break up the grinder and clean the parts with your very own brush.

The price is quite high, but this is the best manual grinder for espresso and will last you a lifetime. Available on Amazon UK.



1Zpresso - Best Coffee Grinder for Camping

Another extremely well-put-together and robust hand coffee grinder is this new addition from 1Zpesso.

The grinder has a larger capacity to other grinders, and grinds the coffee with a specialised 'K Burr'. It is a heptagonal conical shape which can be set to grind the coffee for a variety of brewing methods.

The grinder can be set using an external setting system which is extremely robust and made from aluminium. Even though the grinder is robust it comes in a nice little case to protect it at home, or if you're taking it around with you to keep your amazing coffee dream going.

The reason why this is so good for camping is down to the case, and robust nature of the grinder. There is nothing worse than something that will smash easily in your bag.

The 1Zpresso is available via amazon UK and is available with free shipping if you have prime.


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