Best Mace & Pepper Spray Alternatives From the UK for Self Defence

Let us be absolutely honest for a second. The UK is slowly becoming a society of lawlessness and where social media trends have turned to violence against unsuspecting people.

Whether you've seen the gangs of youths on motorbikes who go unchallenged by police, or you've heard stories of victims of assaults and robberies being left for days until the police turn up, it is safe to say that trust in the UK's police has dropped a shelf. Whether they are overstretched, or politically unable to deal with issues, there is a problem.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves when politics, the police and the authorities fail us?

Pepper spray (known as Mace or CS gas in the UK) is a very popular self-defence product, but annoyingly you may face prosecution for possessing it, or using it against an aggressor. This may explain why so many people have given up on the justice system in the UK.

So, we've written this article to help you find the best alternatives for pepper spray, CS gas and mace in the UK.

Is Pepper Spray Legal in the UK for Self Defence?

A short answer is, technically, the only legal self-defensive product is a rape alarm.

However, given the statement from West Yorkshire police, it is clear that they are aware that more people are carrying self-protective equipment - like pepper spray.

The advice is here below so it may be seen in full.

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Given that the statement mentions that harming an aggressor may land you with an assault change is potentially why trust in the police is dropping quite so quickly.

The police are protecting themselves here and the police officer at the scene may use their discretion if pepper spray is used, but you should be aware that defending yourself could lead to trouble so you should weigh up whether it is worth it to carry such an item. The responsibility of this lies with you.

The police mention other protective equipment which we will be talking about today.

So lets get into it.


Colt Security Self-Defense Spray

Considering the UK legal system isn't doing what it is designed to do effectively enough, legal pepper spray alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. With rising cases of theft, assault (including sexual) and crime in general across the UK, something to deter and identify the culprit is your best shot. 

This spray and alarm system kit is designed to be sprayed into the face of an attacker and is filled with

35 bursts of UV & red dye which stains their skin for up to 48 hours. It may be enough to get away and identify them afterwards.  The spray can travel for up to 3 metres so you don't need to get too close.


Mace alternative

This is the highest-rated pepper spray and mace alternative on the Amazon platform, and the handy alarm that it comes with is just the added extra bonus.

The full product description and information about what it does can be found on Amazon.co.uk.

Mirista - Pepper Spray

Believe it or not, pepper spray is available on Amazon. Of course, you should wisely consider this purchase if you're going to make it.

The product itself is a small 20ml device that has an attached keyring. It means that it is easy to hold in your handbag or as part of your key set.

There are some negative reviews which are unhappy with the size of the bottle, but we think that the size is perfect. After all, you only need to spray the aggressor enough to give you an opportunity to escape.

If you want to learn more about the product you can find it here: amazon.co.uk


Pepper Spray holder

Vest Guard - CS Gas Stink Spray

While there are some pepper spray alternatives in the UK that use a staining dye, there are others which bestow the attacker with a foul odour. A great punishment.

The VestGuard spray is designed to resemble a CS gas canister but produces a non-toxic liquid that produces a foul odour for up to 3 days. So, if you can get it onto the face and clothes of the attacker they will be drowned in the consequences of their own actions and will be easily identified by the police and everybody around them.



Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 13.00.21

The spray is completely legal in the UK and should be enough to repel and expose any attackers. It is discrete and easy to use, so shouldn't be an issue in your handbag, glove box or back pocket.

The full product information can be found here: https://www.vestguard.co.uk/

Noyzie Self Defense Spray & Bright Defense Light

Noyzie Criminal Deterrent Spray is one of the best pepper spray alternatives you can find on Amazon UK.

Thankfully, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is, therefore, considered legal in the UK. The spray unleashes a sticky red dye which can be sprayed up to 10 feet away. It both stains the attacker with ink that shows up under UV light and leaves a foul smell that sticks to clothes and skin.

UV Pepper Spray Alterntive

This kit comes with a small, ultra-bright touch which can serve as a means to see where you're escaping too, but also has the ability to dazzle your attacker while you get away. There is a potential that this light can damage the eyes of your attacker, but that (in our opinion) is their fault.

For more information about this product, you can find it on Amazon.co.uk.

Farb-Gel Defense Spray

Sold on Police Supplies, the Farb-Gel defence spray is the first choice for many people looking for a CS gas and Mace spray alternative.

The Farb gel is completely legal and is designed similarly to other products on this list, as it sprays the attacker with a red gel that stains clothes and skin, to make it easy for police to identify the attacker. The product does not contain any irritants, so there is no chance that you can be accused of harming an attacker.

For more information about this, one of the best pepper spray alternatives across the UK, then check out the police supplies website.


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Round Up to Our Best CS, Mace and Pepper Spray Alternatives

Hopefully, you have found this article useful and that you've managed to find yourself a pepper spray that does the job for what you need it for. If you'd like to add a comment to suggest a CS spray alternative that you have used or have an experience with, then add it to the comments.

The opinions about the police's inaction is not intended as an incitement to take the law into your own hands. It is simply a political opinion. 

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