The best Lush bath bombs you can buy in the UK (top 6)

Not long ago, I could barely walk past a LUSH entrance without holding my breath and quickening my pace. But as I've grown older and my appreciation for a bit of self-care has grown too, I've really started to respect what LUSH does. I've also realised that LUSH is absolutely the best place to head to for bath bombs - not only are they all made to the highest standard, but they're also sold without any packaging and without being tested on animals, making them an ethical and sustainable product too. Many of you may already be aware that the range of bath bombs available to buy from LUSH is extensive, which is why we thought it would be useful to round up a list of what we believe to be the absolute best bath bombs you can buy from LUSH, let's get into it:


Calling a bath bomb 'Goddess' might give you a lot to live up to, but we really think these bath bombs live up to their name. The Oudh and jasmine give off an incredibly enticing scent, and the Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Rose all make your skin feel gloriously smooth and soothed.  It's one of the highest-rated bath bombs on the LUSH website, and we can see why. Learn more and buy it here -

Goddess Lush bath bombs


Nowadays, it feels like hipsters want to put avocado into everything, but it's with good reason - avocado is a total superfood. In fact, we're not at all surprised to see that one of the best and most popular bath bombs sold by LUSH uses avocado as a primary ingredient. The healthy fats from the avocado and olive oil are ideal for sensitive skin and make your skin feel nourished and smooth. This feeling is combined with the zesty scent of lemongrass and bergamot, which never fails to pick your mood up. All of this for just £4 per bath bomb too, probably the best-priced bath bomb in the entire LUSH range. Learn more and buy it here -



4:20pm sounds like a great time to take a bath, but it's also a nod to the cannabis influence that these Lush bath bombs have - made using CBD oil, these bath bombs slowly release 25mg of CBD as they dissolve in your bath. Alongside the CBD, the bath bombs also contain Patchouli and Sandalwood, both of which provide an earthy and warm fragrance, as well as antibacterial properties. We're huge fans of these bath bombs, and at £7 per bath bomb it might be a little bit on the pricey side but they're amazing after a long day. Learn more and buy it here -

4:20pm Lush bath bombs


These bath bombs are one of the best-selling in the entire LUSH range, and it's not hard to see why - made with classically relaxing ingredients like lavender as well as more interesting ingredients like Ylang Ylang, these bath bombs provide intense relaxation. The water will swirl and glitter as the bath bomb dissolves too, which adds to the experience. And the cherry on top of it all is that you can buy one of these for just £4.50 each. Learn more and buy them here -


Rose Jam

We're cheating a little bit here as these are technically bubble bars, which work similarly to bath bombs, but we love this one so much that we had to include it. Made with Rose, Cocoa Butter, and Lemon oil, the scent is floral and the feeling on the skin is lovely. This will give you a seriously bubbly bath and you can definitely get more than 1 bath out of these if you crumble part of it rather than using all of it, making it very good value too. Learn more and buy it here -

Rose Jam Lush bath bombs

Deep Sleep

Many of us use bath bombs before bed to try and chill out before hitting the hay, and unsurprisingly, Lush sells quite a few bath bombs for exactly this purpose. Of all the bath bombs sold by Lush which are intended to help you sleep, we think the brand's 'Deep Sleep' bath bombs are the best. Made using the 2 classic plants most associated with sleep - Lavender and Chamomile - the Deep Sleep bath bombs are nothing new in terms of the fragrance and effects they give when used, but it's a tried and tested combination which always works to wind you down before bed. Learn more and buy them here -

Deep Sleep Lush bath bombs

Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose the best LUSH bath bomb for your needs and your budget. Let us know if we missed your favourite bath bomb from the range!

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