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Low calorie chocolate that actually tastes good (6 we love)

Published by Finn Hayden

Enjoying chocolate when you're on a diet might seem like a fantasy, but it can actually be done. We've already published guides proving that you can buy chocolate which is low in sugar or which even contains no added sugar at all, but for those of you trying to lose weight, low calorie chocolate is also an option.

We thought it would be useful to round up the best low calorie chocolate which can be bought in the UK, as there are quite a few options out there. Let's get into it:

CarbZone dark chocolate

We've included quite a few low calorie products from the CarbZone brand across our guides, because this brand really knows what its doing when it comes to cutting calories out of foods but retaining the taste. This dark chocolate from CarbZone contains just 410 calories per 100g - to put that into perspective, the 70% dark chocolate from Green & Blacks contains 170 calories more per 100g, so it's quite a significant difference. The taste of this dark chocolate from CarbZone is great, and as an added bonus it's also sugar free. Learn more and buy it here -

CarbZone dark chocolate

Balance milk chocolate

We wanted to include a few milk chocolate options in this guide, because although generally dark chocolate will be lower in calories, there are some excellent low calorie milk chocolate options out there. This Belgian milk chocolate from the Balance brand is one such example - because it's very low in sugar, it's also very low in calories at just 499 calories per 100g. To put that into perspective, Cadburys milk chocolate contains 534 calories per 100g, so you'll save 35 calories per 100g by switching to the Balance chocolate. In terms of taste, we wouldn't even be able to tell that this is a low calorie option as it's really tasty. Learn more and buy it here -


Skinny Chocaholic Drops

So far we've only included chocolate bars in this guide, but if you don't mind eating your chocolate in other shapes then these Skinny Chocaholic Drops are a great low calorie option. With just 391 calories per 100g, these milk chocolate drops are really tasty, and the fact that they're milk chocolate is great too. The obvious chocolate comparison here would be Smarties, which contain a whopping 470 calories per 100g. So by switching to these chocolate drops from Skinny, you'll save an impressive 79 calories per 100g. Learn more and buy them here -

Skinny drops

Wizards orange chocolate 

We've included the Wizards chocolate on our website a few times because it tastes great despite containing no dairy or sugar, but another really impressive aspect of this chocolate is how low in calories it is. At 477 calories per 100g, it's very low in calories compared to popular orange chocolate such as Terry's Chocolate Orange, which contains 524 calories per 100g. We love the taste of this chocolate from Wizards and also love that we don't have to feel too guilty when we eat it. Learn more and buy it here -


CarbZone milk chocolate

Another great option that we tried from the CarbZone was this milk chocolate, which contains just 469 calories per 100g. That's 65 calories fewer per 100g compared to Cadburys milk chocolate, which is very impressive. We really enjoyed the taste of this chocolate and another bonus is that it contains no added sugar either. Learn more and buy it here -

CarbZone milk chocolate

Enjoy! mint choc bar

If you're a fan of mint chocolate then you've got to try this chocolate from Enjoy - as well as being 100% vegan and low in sugar, it's also very low in calories at just 480kcal per 100g. When you consider that Cadburys Dairy Milk Mint Chocolate contains 534 calories per 100g, the low calorie count of this chocolate bar from Enjoy is impressive. We really love the fresh, minty taste and would happily swap it for our normal milk chocolate. Learn more and buy it here -

Enjoy! chocolate mint

Hopefully, this guide proves that there is lots of great-tasting low calorie chocolate out there to choose from. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions. If you want to read a similar guide, check out the best low calories biscuits we've bought.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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