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Tasty low calorie bread you can buy – 7 great options for people who want bread without all the calories

Published by Finn Hayden

Bread is one of those food products that play such a huge part in our lives - almost everyone eats bread at least a few times per week. It's tasty, versatile, and cheap, but it can also be packed with calories. Even the types of bread which are marketed as being healthier (wholemeal, seeded, etc.) can contain lots of calories. So we thought it would be useful to round up the best low-calorie bread that we've found in the UK, so you can enjoy a sandwich without the guilt. Let's get into it:

Morrisons Counted Wholemeal Danish - 57kcal per slice

We checked every UK supermarket for bread to include in this guide, and Morrisons was the only supermarket with its own range of low-calorie bread - the 'Counted' bread from Morrisons is a wholemeal loaf which contains just 57kcal per slice. It was tasty, versatile, and less than 60p per loaf.

Morrisons Counted low calorie bread

We were very impressed to find this option at Morrisons and wish that more UK supermarkets would follow suit, learn more and buy it here -

Hovis Nimble Wholemeal - 50kcal per slice

The Nimble loaf from Hovis is baked with wholemeal flour and malted wholegrains, which gives it a rich flavour and which makes it very low in sugars and fats. Each slice is just 50 calories, plus you'll get an added extra of 1.5g of fibre per slice too. It's a good tasting wholemeal loaf and we're big fans of it, learn more and buy it here -

Hovis Nimble

Kingsmill 50/50 No Crusts - 47kcal per slice

Who knew that cutting off the crusts could save so many calories? We always thought that people who eat bread without the crusts were a little bit odd, but if it can save on calories then count us in. Kingsmill is one of the only bread brands in the UK producing a loaf of bread without the crusts, and the good news is that each slice of this bread only contains 47kcal. It's also 50/50 bread, so if you're a fan of white bread then you'll probably be able to enjoy the taste of this bread. Learn more and buy it here -

Kingsmill 50/50 no crusts

Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal No Crusts - 45kcal per slice

For those of you who don't mind the taste of wholemeal bread, Kingsmill has created a Tasty Wholemeal version of their No Crusts bread which is even lower in calories at just 45kcal per slice. For the sake of 2 calories per slice, you might prefer to just eat the 50/50 bread, but we actually think this Tasty Wholemeal loaf definitely lives up to its name. Learn more and buy it here -

Kingsmill 50/50 no crusts wholemeal

Warburtons Wholemeal no added sugar - 55kcal per slice

Seeing a "no added sugar" loaf of bread might make you stop and think - 'hold on a minute, I didn't even realise that bread had added sugar!' Well, a lot of it does, and it's a huge reason why so much bread is so high in calories. We love that Warburtons has produced a no added sugar version of their Wholemeal bread, which is not only low in calories at just 55kcal per slice, but is also high in fibre. Learn more and buy it here -

Wholemeal no added sugar Warburtons

Warburtons Danish - 62kcal per slice

Although Danes will dispute the name given to this loaf of bread, we do have to admit that we're fans of the Danish white bread from Warburtons. As is mentioned on the packaging, this bread has a much lighter feel and taste compared to standard white bread. And it turns out that this lightness in taste and texture also means that this bread is lighter in calories, at just 62kcal per slice. If you're looking to enjoy white bread without consuming too many calories, this would be our number 1 pick. Learn more and buy it here -

Warburtons Danish

Livlife Super Seeded Bread - 83kcal per slice

Livlife isn't a household bread brand yet, and it was actually quite hard to find this brand in the supermarkets (we only found it in Waitrose), but we really appreciate what this brand is trying to do. The aim of the team at Livlife is to create bread which is low in carbs but still packed with flavour. This makes it ideal for Keto diets, and it also means that the bread is relatively low in calories - 83kcal per slice is a bit more than the other bread options we've included in this list, but we wanted to add this as the last entry because it manages to taste so flavoursome and it is so low in carbs. Learn more and buy it here -

LivLife bread

Hopefully, the above list helps you find a low-calorie bread that you can enjoy. It's great to see that most of the biggest bread brands in the UK have launched a lower-calorie version of their bread. Let us know in the comments if you've tried any of this bread or if you'd like us to try any others!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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