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Best Lion’s Mane Capsules & Supplements We’ve Found in the UK (& Where to buy them)

Published by Finn Hayden


While medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries it is only recently that mushrooms like Lions Mane become a daily consumed supplement in the western world.

What are the benefits of Lions Mane?

Is easy to find 'backed by science' benefits of Lions Mane with just a little research online. The main claimed benefits include digestive and immune system support, a reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress, improves mental health and supports cognitive function. The mushroom contains whole chemicals which are proven to ensure the regeneration and growth of neurons, and help the production of new pathways in the brain: Hericenones and Diterpenoil Erinacines.

Is Lion's Mane Legal?

Yes, Lions Mane is completely legal and is openly sold across the UK and online. Unlike some substances, Lion's Mane is not restricted or banned in any country.

This mushroom is widely cultivated, consumed as a food source, and used as a dietary supplement in various nations, including the UK, the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Choosing the Best Lion's Mane Form: Capsules, Tinctures, or Powder?

When considering Lion's Mane supplementation, one must decide on the preferred form. Lion's Mane capsules are a popular choice due to their convenience and effectiveness. They offer standardized, hericenone-rich extracts, making it easy to incorporate Lion's Mane into your daily routine for cognitive enhancement and immune support.

However, alternatives like tinctures and dried powder forms also exist and are just as effective. Tinctures involve extracting beneficial compounds from the mushroom using alcohol or another solvent and can be ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue or mixing them into a drink. Some can be flavoured but natural is best. While effective, tinctures typically have lower concentrations of active compounds compared to capsules - which is why we mostly choose capsules in this list.

Unfortunately, there is an inherent issue with the food supplement industry in the UK: it is increasingly difficult to know whether the supplements you are taking contain all the active ingredients, or whether they are filled with fillers and bulking agents.

Not to worry, we have done some research for you and we have put together a list of what we believe are the best Lion's Mane capsules and where to buy in the UK .

So, let's get into it:

The Long Leaf

Called 'Brain Bloom' these lion's mane capsules with a lot of thought put into them. These capsules each contain 300mgs of Lions Mane, but also effective doses of other nootropics and neuroprotectors like L-Theanine, Vitamin D and Bacopa Monnieri. The added ingredients are what make these Lion's Mane supplements superb.

Each packet contains 90 capsules and each 500mgs total active ingredients which means that 2 capsules a day are an extremely effective dose of brain-protecting and boosting compounds.

As an added bonus, we really like the branding on these capsules and think they are very cool indeed.

Long Leaf Lion's Mane Capsules right here

Long Leaf Lion's Mane Capsules

Life Essentials

Life Essentials have become one of our go-to brands for health and well-being supplements these days. We believe them to have one of the highest quality on the market.

Of all the supplements we have tried, we felt like we got the best value for money, and the most benefits from them.

The Life Essential's Lions Mane capsules use a 20:1 extract, and the capsules do not contain any fillers, bulking agents or preservatives (You'll be surprised to know that many do). Each product is lab-tested and the company are extremely informative about the ingredients when speaking to them.

They prove that for potency, you don't need to pay through the nose for them.

Each packet contains 60 capsules which is a total of 8000 mg (400 mg per capsule) and you can pick it up from the store for only £14.95.

Find more information about and to buy the lions mane you can go here:

Lions Mane Capsules Life Essentials

Starpowa Lion's Mane vegan gummies

If you like to take gummies then these Starpowa Lions' Mane vegan gummies are a great supplement to consider taking. You get 500mg of Lion's Mane per 2 gummies, plus 375mg of Ginkgo Biloba. The gummies are mixed berry flavour, and although they taste nice and sweet these gummies aren't crammed with sugar - in fact, each gummy contains just 0.1g of sugar and is 100% naturally flavoured. The gummies are also 100% vegan. Learn more and buy them here -

Starpowa Lion's Mane 500mg 60 Gummies

Detox Trading

Detox Trading are another brand that sells some of the best Lions mane capsules in the UK.

The Lions Mane in the capsules has been extracted using a dual-stage process that is gentle and retains all of the naturally occurring goodness. The end extract is 20:1 which is the same as Life Essentials.

The content of beta-glucan is between 8 and 10% and the polysaccharides is as high as 20%. These are very potent and effective.

For more information about the brand and capsules themselves, check out the detox trading website here:

Detox trading Lions Mane capsules

Real Mushrooms

Real mushroom's lions Maine capsules are one of the most popular products on Amazon UK, and have the highest rating of all other brands on the platform.

Each tub contains 60 capsules of pure and potent Lion’s Mane extract which is as high as 25% Beta-glucans and less than 5% Starch.

The extract undergoes a very rigorous quality control testing process to make sure that they are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy-Free & Nut-Free.

If you need to know more about the product itself, you can get all the information you need on their Amazon UK Profile.

Grass & Co

If you're looking for Lion's Mane capsules that offer a little more functionality we suggest you check out the Grass & Co focus blend.

Each tub contains 60 vegan capsules containing Lion's Mane (1:1 fruiting body), Genseng (Korean 10:1 ) extract, Algal Omega 3, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.

Everything that is in these capsules will give you a boost in cognitive energy, will boost concentration, improve memory and help to protect your brain.

All of the ingredients in this product are exceptional.

You can find them on the holland and barret website here:

Grass & Co Lions Mane

Puresport Lion's Main Capsules

Puresport was initially founded by Scottish rugby international Grayson Hart. Since its humble beginnings, the company has seen significant investment and also a partnership with GymShark.

They started firstly selling CBD supplements (Like CBD Oils and Balms) but have branched out into nootropics and mushroom extracts: including Lions Mane.

Their tub contains 60 capsules for £35 and the capsules are tested enough to be informed sports approved (which is a fairly rigorous testing routine). This means that they are safe to consume for professional athletes and those who are drug-tested for sports.

Puresport is currently selling their Lion's Mane Capsules on Amazon UK. You read all the information you need there.


Pure Sport Lion's Mane capsules

Indigo Herbs Lions Mane Mushroom Powder

While it seems that the most common way to receive a Lion's Mane supplement is in a capsule, you can also get it in a raw powdered form.

This way it is easier to add to smoothies or put into your morning coffee (there is something about Lion's Mane in coffee that works perfectly together.

Indigo Herbs sell the best Lion's Mane powder on the market and it is supreme. It contains a dual extract powder of Mycelium and fruiting body in a resealable air-tight foil pouch (which makes it easy to use and keeps everything fresh).

Thankfully, there is nothing added to the blend and it only contains Lion's Mane. Pure and Simple.

To grab a bag of raw Lion's Mane powder, it is best to grab it while you're on 


If you wish to add a comment or suggest another Lions Mane supplement in the UK that you've been using, add it to the comments section below.

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