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4 delicious keto bars you can buy if you want Keto-friendly snacks

Published by Finn Hayden

If you're following a keto diet, it's crucial to keep your carb intake low and your intake of healthy fats high. This is pretty easily doable nowadays as there are lots of great low carb products out there - we've published lots of guides about low carb versions of food such as rice, pasta, and even keto-friendly bread. But although these are great, we wouldn't describe them as particularly convenient, as they do require cooking and preparation.

That's why so many people following a keto diet rely on convenient low carb snacks like keto bars, as they're great for eating when you're on the go and they won't mess up your diet. We thought it would be useful to round up the best keto bars that you can buy in the UK, let's get into it:

Pulsin plant based keto bars

We love these keto bars from the Pulsin brand, not just because they taste great but also because they're 100% plant-based and gluten free, so anyone can enjoy them. Made using peanuts and pea protein, as well as chocolate and MCT oil, these keto bars manage to be low in carbs, high in fat, and very tasty to eat.  And just like the excellent vegan protein powder from Pulsin, these keto bars are also high in protein with 13g of protein per bar. There is sweetness from the xylitol which is used in the ingredients, and overall it's just a great product. You can buy the keto bars in a few flavours, but our favourite is the Mint Choc & Peanut (pictured). And if you look at the Pulsin Feefo profile, you'll see lots of 5 star reviews for the keto bars. Learn more and buy them here -
Pulsin plant based keto bars

Slimfast keto fuel bars

The Slimfast range features a range of products which would be ideal for anyone following a keto diet to consume, and these keto bars from Slimfast are a great example of one such product. Made using an MCT and butter blend, the bars are high in fats and low in carbs, with just 5g of carbs per bar. They're also low in sugar, but still have a nice sweetness which comes from the erythritol used in the ingredients. The Triple Choc flavour bars from the range (pictured) are the best we tried, but other flavours include Nutty Caramel which sounds delicious. Learn more and buy them here -
Slimfast keto bars

No Sugar Company keto bars

The No Sugar Company has an awesome range of products made with no added sugar, most of which would be perfect for anyone following a keto diet. Obviously, the keto bars from the brand are extra perfect, as they're not only very low in carbs at just 3g of carbs per bar, but also they're 75% healthy fats and 20% protein.  The bars are also certified gluten free, and the sweeteners used to make these bars taste delicious are all natural (stevia and xylitol). Learn more and buy them here -
Keto Bar

LOCAKO keto collagen brownie bite

These keto bars from LOCAKO are great because they have a little extra goodness alongside the low carbs and high fats. They're made using collagen, which is a great source of protein and also provides other benefits as we noted in our collagen supplement guide. Each 30g bar contains 3.5g of carbs, as well as 8g of protein. We tried the Chocolate Orange flavour and found them to be very tasty, and they definitely filled us up too. Learn more and buy them here -
LOCAKO keto collagen brownie bite

We hope this guide helps you to find some delicious keto bars to keep you going on your diet. Let us know if you've tried any of these bars or if you have any other recommendations for us to try. If you're looking for other delicious food to enjoy on your keto diet, we have a guide about the best low carb bread we've tried and low carb beer.

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