5 of the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

Paddleboarding is very popular at the moment, and if you head down to the beach on a sunny day then chances are you'll see at least 1 person on a paddle board.

For those that aren't aware, you can buy inflatable paddle boards (usually abbreviated to 'SUP', which stands for 'Stand Up Paddle Board'), which are great for people who want to enjoy paddleboarding but don't have the room for a large board in their home or car.

There are lots of options when it comes to inflatable SUPs, and because we've tried a number of different boards, we felt like we could do a good round-up of the best inflatable paddle boards that we've tried. Let's get into it:

Thurso Waterwalker 132

Price: £449 - £749 (with full kit)

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker is by far the best stand-up paddle board we tried and we highly recommend it to beginners and experts alike.

If you're a beginner and need something with a little bit more stability, then the Waterwalker by Thurso Surf is what you need in your life.

Where the Waterwalker excels is its size and stability - it's 11ft long.

While you can't kick a quick turn or move as fast as the lighter boards, the Waterwalker makes up for it with extra weight, extremely high-quality materials and a wider area for footing. It does, however, make getting onto the board easier and feels much safer when you're out on the open waters.

The only drawback we can see is that the SUP itself is very heavy with all the equipment. It will be difficult to travel with it unless you have a car with a decent-sized boot. You can read more of our thoughts in our full review of the Thurso Waterwalker 132.

Waterwalker SUP
Waterwalker 132 All-around SUP at beach

As a beginner, the price may be a little off-putting as it is a lot to invest in a new hobby. Trust us when we say, if you purchase this particular SUP you'll be unlikely to need another.

It is clear to see why the Thurso Boards are pushing the market forward.

You can pick up a board via Amazon UK or via their website.


Price: £785

We tried the iRocker ALL AROUND ULTRA paddle board recently and found it to be very quick and nimble for a longer paddle board. If you're an intermediate SUP paddle boarder who doesn't mind a bit of speed, then this is a great choice. As well as being 11 ft long, it's also 32 inches wide, so it's ideal for heavier riders. In fact, we had a person who weighed more than 120kg and who was 6ft 6 inches tall on this paddle board recently and the board coped fine. The official weight capacity is 290 lbs, which is about 130kg. This weight capacity also makes it an ideal paddle board for 2 smaller riders to share. The paddle board comes with a paddle which can be extended to 86 inches long, as well as a pump, a bag, and fins. The recommended PSI for the board is 12-14, but we had the board at about 11 and it was fine. Learn more and buy it here -

iRocker paddle board

Thurso Prodigy (Best Paddle Board for Kids)

Price: £468

Thurso offers a few of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards that you can buy in the UK, but we also wanted to have other brands included on our list. But, this is by far the best paddle board for kids.

The Thurso Prodigy is much smaller than some of the other options via their website, and it is specifically designed for smaller people.

It still retains all of the bells, whistles and quality that Thurso is famous for, but just scaled down.

The full kit comes with a bag, the underside paddles and a carbon fibre paddle that is adjustable perfectly for anybody under 5 feet. The paddle board, however, does not come with a pump, but if you're buying this alongside the Waterwalker kit, you don't need one.


Price: £220

This is the Lamlingo inflatable paddle board and it is the cheapest paddle board we've found, and fantastic value for money.

The board itself is 10 and a half feet long and weighs up to 8.6kg when fully inflated - which is very light compared to some of the more expensive boards that we've tried.

But this is actually a positive for those who are lighter riders and for those who wish to ride a paddle board that can turn quickly. So what does your £220 get you?

Along with the board you'll also get you the other essential equipment like the pump, fins, and the ankle leash to hold you to the board. You also have the option to buy 2 paddle boards for under £500 and still have change for accessories.

Learn more and buy it here -

Lamlingo paddleboard


Price: £199 - £800 (with full kit)

One of the best places to pick up a fantastic inflatable SUP is Decathlon. The company is a huge retailer of (what seems like) random outdoor equipment. When it comes to inflatable stand-up paddle boards, Decathlon has the biggest and best selection for all budgets. Whether you need something to get you going or something more advanced.

The one drawback of the paddle boards here is that the quality is much worse than a purpose build SUP manufacturer, like Thurso. You may struggle to get as much functionality, quality of materials and a lesser quality feel.

What you do find with Decathlon is that the prices are fairly ok if you're unsure whether a SUP is for you, and the selection ensures that you can find the best stand-up paddle board for your needs

Regardless, if you'd like to see what they have on offer, then check them out here:

Decathlon SUPS

Hydro Force Aqua Glider

Price: £359

This paddle board is one of the best inflatable SUPs for smaller riders.

Partly down it's size - it is 10ft 6 inches in length and has a weight capacity of up to120kg...that is still a big human! Considering it's size, the Hydro Force SUP folds away considerably smaller than it's full size - which is often an issue with other larger paddle boards.

This makes this SUP board ideal for travel and for younger riders who want to carry their own board (it weighs less than 10kg).

In terms of the board itself, the grip is amazing and is really effective. It makes it easy to stay balanced on the board. There is a good chance that you can't go too fast on this board, but for chilling it is perfect.

If you buy this on amazon, you get a board plus a hand pump, a travel carry bag, and a repair kit -

Hydro Force SUP

Aqua Spirit Tempo

Price: £189

Are you looking into an inflatable stand-up paddle board that doesn't break the bank and has all the features you could possibly need can be found in the form of the Aqua Spirit Tempo.

The board has a non-slip deck pad with a heavy-duty airtight coating to make sure it is comfortable, stable and easy to stand on.

There are other paddle boards on the list that are much more expensive than this one, but they have exactly the same features. The Tempo is extremely well-reviewed on Amazon and is widely recommended across a number of social media platforms.

It is one of the best SUPs in terms of value for money that we have found.

You can easily find the board here with next day prime delivery.

Aqua Spirit Tempo

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