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The 4 best instant hot chocolate brands we’ve tried

As the days are drawing shorter, and the nights colder, we all need something comforting, reassuring, warm and cuddly to make them seem a little less bleak. Sometimes a cup of tea does the job, but for the dark days, you need hot chocolate to do the heavy lifting.

Now, finding a hot chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate, or one that doesn't sit like cement in the bottom of the cup is a problem. So, we've picked a few of what we think are the best hot chocolates on the market. Some simple suggestions, and more exclusive ones.

Cadbury's Classic Hot Chocolate - Most Classic

If you're from the UK, Cadbury's is the 'original' chocolate brand and, thanks to it's unique flavour, is still universally adored. It is potentially the UK's biggest hot chocolate brand.

... and what self-respecting household chocolate brand does not sell hot chocolate? And it is a very, very good one at that.

It hit all the notes you need it to. It is comforting with that classic moreish Cadbury's flavours, has a rich and sweet flavour and is the perfect hot chocolate for cream and marshmallows.

The price per tub varies but it comes in at an average of £3 for 500mgs.

The downside of the hot chocolate is that it contains 23g of sugar, per 18g serving. This is one of the highest sugar contents of the hot chocolates we have tested. So, a great treat once in a while.

The hot chocolate comes in many shapes and sizes so it may be easier to check out all of the options here in Amazon UK.



Lidl Deluxe Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate - Best from a Supermarket

As supermarket hot chocolates go, Lidl has one of the best that we have tried. It isn't "the best" hot chocolate that we have ever but for the price you pay I'd be happy with this brand every day of the week. Supermarket-branded hot chocolate can be gritty, or too light and never seem to be able to make a satisfying cup of choco; this one, however, has an interesting, dark and rich flavour which is a cut above the rest.

The most impressive part aspect of this hot chocolate is that it contains 36% coca powder which is Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning the producer is much more likely to be offered a fair price for their crop, and that the ingredients do not harm the environment. In comparison, Cadbury's is a minimum of 25%.

One drawback of this hot chocolate is that it contains quite a lot of sugar. In a rough serving of 20g with semi-skimmed milk,  it contains 21.2g of sugar. We all know that 20gs will be on the lower end of how much you add to the cup.

Regardless, hot chocolate offers great value for money.  A delicious treat regardless of how big your pocket is.

You can find this hot chocolate in the supermarket near the tea and coffee section.

Lidl Salted Caramel Hot chocolate
Lidl Hot Chocolate

Options Belgian Hot Chocolate - Best Flavour Choice

Options hot chocolate gives you options. Very punny, I know.

Options hot chocolate brands that can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores right across the UK. It is one of the biggest hot chocolate brands you'll find in the UK. Whether it is the best hot chocolate depends on if you like the huge range of flavours.

Why we have included Options in this list is down to the selection of flavours, and alternatives, that are available under the brand. There is simply classic Belgian chocolate, mint, orange, white chocolate, salted caramel and honeycomb. A personal favourite is a mint. There is something quite delicious about it.

You'll be surprised to know that the standard Options hot chocolate only contains 5.7g per 11g serving. This would make it considerably less than alternatives on the list - however, the ingredients do list E numbers.

All the options (pun intended) can be found on Amazon UK here. 

Options hot chocolate
Options Bengian Hot Chocolate

Bournville (Cadbury's) - Best Dark Chocolate

Bournville is dark chocolate under the Cadbury's brand but is completely different to the classic. It is a dark, rich almost savoury chocolate for those who do not have such a sweet tooth as I...

Although, the rum and raisin Bournville is almost unbeatable.

The Bournville hot chocolate is rich, comforting and moreish delicious. The chocolate is quite bitter so it works really well with a nice handful of marshmallows and a thick layering of canned cream. Not a drink of a gourmet but fit to soothe a soul.

A serving of 11g contains 10g of sugar. Which is actually quite a lot. No wonder it is so delicious.

All of the Bournville hot chocolate options can be found here on Amazon UK.


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