Best horror board games (Our favourites)

Whoever said that board games can't be scary clearly hasn't played any of the games in this list. With clever writing and a bit of imagination, a few companies have managed to make horror board games that would rival any horror movie. We've rounded up our favourites for you to check out, let's get into it:

Bluebeard's Bride - best for a creepy folktale inspired board game

Have you heard of the Bluebeard folktale? It's the story of a wealthy man (Bluebeard) who murdered his wives, but one wife is determined to escape as she realises the fate that is in store for her. The team at Magpie Games has made an excellent investigatory horror tabletop roleplaying game based on the story, which requires 3-5 players and can be completed within 2 hours. The Bluebeard's Bride core book includes 5 Playbooks and there are supplements which can be bought too. We love the design of these products and find the game to be very enjoyable. If you and your friends feel up to the task of exploring Bluebeard's mansion and figuring out the truth of what happened, then check this game out!

You can buy Bluebeard's Bride directly from Magpie Games here -


Expedition (The Horror expansion) - best for a beginner-friendly horror board game

Tabletop RPGs can be quite overwhelming for newbies, and we know that many people reading this article will already be zoning out of this section as soon as they saw the words "tabletop RPG". But wait! Expedition is one of the best tabletop RPGs we've ever played, and it is excellent for people who have never played one before because you can learn the rules in 5 minutes. Plus, there is an expansion called The Horror, which is why we've included the game in this list. This expansion adds 10 Horror encounters and new enemies and opportunities. The expansion adds more of a horror theme to the game which is something we really appreciate.

You can buy Expedition plus the expansion here -


Hunt A Killer (Horror) - best for a Blair Witch inspired tabletop RPG

Ok, so before we get into this excellent game, allow us 10 seconds to talk about The Blair Witch Project. It's one of the best horror movies made and achieves so much with so little. When we heard about a game based on the Blair Witch story, we knew that we'd love it. From the makers of Hunt A Killer, this game requires players to uncover the mystery of what happened to a woman's missing son. The players must explore Black Hills Forest and decipher the clues to figure out what is going on. We love this game and think that if you're a fan of horror board games it is an absolute must to try!

You can buy the game from Hunt A Killer here -


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