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8 of the best high protein yoghurts you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

Eating yoghurt is one of the most underrated ways to increase your protein intake - it tastes good and it also has extra benefits like healthy bacteria. Some yoghurt brands have created versions of their yoghurts with extra amounts of protein, which is ideal for people looking to build muscle and stay lean. Eating high protein yoghurts can also be useful for people who are looking to cut down on snacking, as foods which are high in protein can often make us feel fuller after we've eaten them. 

We wanted to highlight the best high protein yoghurts that are available to buy in the UK, let's get into the list:

FAGE Total 0% Greek Style Yoghurt 

Eating the FAGE Total 0% feels like cheating a bit - not only does each 450g pot contain a whopping 46g of protein, but it's also fat-free. Yet somehow, it has the thickness of a high-fat greek yoghurt. It's really tasty and if we want to eat a high-protein yoghurt, the FAGE Total 0% mixed with honey is our go-to choice. Learn more and buy it here -

Fage Total 0%

Nestlé Lindahls Kvarg

We said that eating the FAGE feels like cheating, and we feel the same about the Lindahls Kvarg yoghurt from Nestlé - it's 15g of protein per pot of this yoghurt, but the White Chocolate flavour we tried tasted just like a dessert. On top of the impressive protein content, this yoghurt is also fat-free and low in sugar. It might not taste too healthy, but it is! Learn more and buy it here -

Nestlé Lindahls Kvarg

Ísey Skyr

Not long ago, nobody really knew what Skyr was. All we knew is that it was Scandinavian, and those guys are good at making things. Well fast forward to 2023, and Skyr is one of the most popular products you'll find in the yoghurt aisle at the supermarket. Part of what has made Skyr so popular is that it has a lovely thickness and creaminess, but also that it's high in protein.

We've got an entire guide about Skyr protein if you want to check that out. 

Ísey Skyr

There are lots of Skyr brands out there which are making great products, and Ísey Skyr is definitely up there as one of the best. Each pot of the Strawberry variety from Ísey Skyr contains 9.2g of protein per 100g, and these 450g pots that we bought contain a whopping 41g of protein! Learn more and buy it here -

Graham's Protein 25

Graham's is one of the biggest dairy brands in Scotland and has spread in popularity across the UK. The Protein 25 yoghurt from Graham's - so called because each pot contains 25g of protein - manages to be high in protein, totally free of fat, and very tasty.
The strawberry variety that we tried was seriously good and very filling despite not being very big, which is great if you're trying to cut down on snacking. Learn more and buy it here -

Graham's Protein 25

M&S Skyr

We've raved about M&S food plenty of times on our website before (we love their pizzas and curries), and we weren't surprised by how much we enjoyed the Skyr produced by this brand. We tried the Natural variety (pictured) and loved how thick and creamy it was, but most importantly it was packed with protein - 100g contains 10.3g of protein, a very decent amount. Learn more and buy it here -

M&S skyr

Arla Protein

Arla is one of the biggest yoghurt brands in the UK, and this brand also has a popular Skyr product. But it's the Arla Protein yoghurt that we want to include in this list - with 10g of protein per 100g, it's definitely worthy of a place in this list. You've also got the added bonus of less than 150kcal per pot, so you can enjoy your protein without taking on board too many calories. Learn more and buy it here -

Arla protein

Biotiful Kefir protein

Kefir is essentially just a more sour version of yoghurt, and although it's not for everyone, it's packed with healthy bacteria and is really good for you. Biotiful is one of the biggest kefir brands in the UK, and the Kefir Protein pots from this brand contain a whopping 11g of protein per 100g. You'll find these in the yoghurt aisle, and our favourite was the blackcurrant variety (pictured). Learn more and buy it here -

Biotiful kefir protein yoghurt

Alpro High Protein 

People often think that vegan products are always lower in protein, and although that is generally true, it absolutely isn't the case for all vegan products. Substances like soya are almost as high in protein as certain meats, and consequently, vegan products which are made from soya can be high in protein.

Alpro high protein

Alpro is one of the most popular vegan brands in the UK, and the range of high-protein yoghurts from Alpro is excellent. We tried the Strawberry Raspberry yoghurt from the range, and it was not only very tasty, but it also contained 4.7g of protein per 100g. For a vegan product, this is impressive. Learn more and buy it here -

Hopefully, the above list helps you find a high protein yoghurt that you can enjoy. Let us know in the comments if you've tried any of these or if there are any others you'd like us to review!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Gwyneth Dear

    I want a high protein, full fat, low sugar plain natural yoghurt. Fat is not the enemy sugar is! So who produces this product because I can’t find it!

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