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The best high protein wraps you can buy in the UK (top 3)

If you're trying to increase your protein intake, then you're in luck - there are more products than ever out there which are packed with this nutrient, from protein bars to protein powder. But our favourite thing is when brands manage to sneak protein into products that we'd be eating even if we weren't trying to increase our protein intake. We've written before about a few of these products, from protein bread to protein pasta.

Another great example of a product like this is protein wraps. If you're the type of person who loves to eat wraps for lunch, or who enjoys making Mexican foods such as burritos and quesadillas, then switching your normal wraps for protein wraps is a great way to instantly boost your protein intake.

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to protein wraps, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best that you can buy. Let's get into it:

BFree High Protein Wraps

The BFree brand produces a wide range of wraps that we're really fond of, including a number of great gluten free wraps, but these protein wraps from BFree might be the best that we've tried so far from the brand. Made using a blend of chickpea flour, as well as containing rice & pea proteins, these wraps are packed with plant-based protein. In fact, each wrap contains a massive 12g of protein, which is really impressive. As well as being high in protein, they're also really tasty and the texture is very similar to a normal tortilla wrap. The wraps are also low in carbs with just 4g of carbs per wrap, so they're ideal for people trying to increase their protein intake without wanting to consume too many carbs. Another bonus is that these wraps are also gluten free and suitable for vegans. Learn more and buy them here -
BFree high protein wraps

CarbZone tomato wraps

We've included a lot of products from the CarbZone in our guides because they've got an excellent range, including great protein pasta. The wraps from CarbZone are really impressive because they're all packed with protein, including these tomato tortilla wraps. Made using real tomato, each of these wraps contains 8g of protein as well as just 4g of carbs. And because they're made using tomato, they're also high in fibre and very tasty. Learn more and buy them here -

LowCarb protein tortilla

CarbZone plain wraps

CarbZone also sells these large tortilla wraps which are packed with 14g of protein per wrap, a really impressive amount. Because these wraps are plain, they're really versatile and can be used for anything from wraps for lunch to burritos and quesadillas. We love the flavour and find that the texture is exactly like a normal wrap, so it's nice to know that you can get a nice protein boost without compromising on flavour or texture. Learn more and buy it here -

CarbZone tortilla wrap

We hope this guide helps you to find some delicious high protein wraps to use for your lunch of however you like. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you'd like to read a similar guide, check out our guide to the best low carb wraps you can buy.

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