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Best high protein drinks – 8 options if you want a tasty & convenient way of getting your protein in

Published by Finn Hayden

We write about protein a lot on our website, because it is such a key nutrient to get into your diet. This is particularly true if you're trying to lose weight or gain muscle. There are a number of convenient ways to get more protein into your diet, with ready-to-drink protein drinks leading the way. We thought it would be useful to round up the best high-protein drinks you can buy in the UK, let's get into it:

For Goodness Shakes

Of all the ready-to-drink high-protein drinks that we've tried, we'd have to say that For Goodness Shakes definitely tastes the best. The 'Recovery' drinks from For Goodness Shakes are excellent to consume straight after a workout, because not only do they contain anywhere between 16-17g of protein depending on what flavour you choose (we always go for Vanilla, pictured) but they're also packed with carbs to help your muscles recover. There is another variety of For Goodness Shakes, called simply 'Protein', that we're not as keen on, but that variety contains 25g of protein per bottle which is pretty excellent. Better yet, you can find these drinks as part of the meal deal at supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and the Co-op, so although they can cost about £2 each to buy individually, you can often pick them up for about £1 as a meal deal. We're big fans, learn more and buy them here -

For Goodness Shakes


UFIT is another brand of protein drinks that you can often pick up as part of a meal deal at places such as Boots (if you haven't tried the Boots meal deal before, you're missing out). Although we don't think these taste quite as good as the For Goodness Shakes drinks, we love the fact that they pack 25g of protein into each bottle. UFIT also has a 'light' drink which contains fewer calories and less fat, but only 15g of protein. We also have to say, the White Chocolate flavour is actually really nice. Learn more and buy them here -

UFit protein shake 25g


The Grenade protein bars are probably the most popular protein bars in the UK (and they're also quite healthy), and we included them in our guide to the best protein bars you can buy. However, not many people realise that Grenade also produce an excellent range of protein drinks. Part of the issue is that these drinks don't seem to be stocked in too many places, but we found them in Holland and Barrett and also strangely in a few petrol stations (you can also buy them online, of course). We're big fans of these protein drinks, not just because the pack 25g of protein into each bottle, but also because they taste great. Again, we think the White Chocolate flavour is top-notch. Learn more and buy them here -

Grenade protein drinks

Upbeat drinks

This is a bit of a curveball, but stick with us here. Protein water is growing in popularity, and we have a guide about why protein water is so good. Made using clear whey, we think Upbeat Drinks are currently making the best protein water you can buy. The great thing about this product is that it doesn't feel as heavy as your typical protein drink, so you can actually drink these during your workout. Each bottle contains 12g of protein, and you also get some B Vitamins too. These are really good and they're not too expensive either, learn more and buy them here -

Protein water Upbeat drinks

Barebells Milkshakes

Barebells is a pretty new brand on the protein scene, but they're very quickly growing in popularity due to the quality of their products. It's not uncommon to see their protein bars stocked in places like Waitrose and Holand & Barrett nowadays, but we're actually seeing their range of Milkshakes in supermarkets even more often. And it's no wonder really, because they're great - not only does each bottle contain 24g of protein, but they're also really tasty. On top of this, they're lactose-free and contain no added sugar. It's seriously impressive and these definitely feel like a "premium" protein drink. Learn more and buy them here -

Barebells Milkshakes

FUEL breakfast drink

We included the FUEL granola in our list of the best high protein cereals, and the breakfast drinks from this brand are also excellent. These drinks are a little bit different from most of the other drinks we've included in this list, because they're made with oats, so they actually contain a good amount of fibre alongside the impressive 15g of protein per 330ml carton. These taste pretty good too - maybe not as good as most of the other drinks in this list, but still pretty enjoyable. Plus, they're usually a bit cheaper than most of the other brands in this list. Learn more and buy them here -

Fuel breakfast drink

Optimum High Protein Shake

Most people who have ever bought a tub of whey protein powder are probably familiar with the Optimum Nutrition brand, as they're definitely one of the biggest whey protein powder brands out there. But not many people realise that Optimum Nutrition actually sell their own brand of ready-to-drink protein shakes too. These are quite hard to find in supermarkets, but we've seen them stocked in our local gym. Each 330ml bottle contains 25g of protein, plus they contain no added sugar and they're low in fat. The one downside is that they're generally a bit more expensive than most of the other options in this list, with bottles usually costing around £3. But the taste is great and it's a good amount of protein too. Learn more and buy the product here -

Optimum Nutrition

Nutramino XL

Nutramino is another brand which is perhaps best known for selling protein bars, but their range of protein drinks is also really impressive. And similar to Optimum Nutrition, the Nutramino protein drinks are quite hard to find in supermarkets, but you can find them online easily and they're also often stocked in gym vending machines. In terms of the nutritional breakdown, it's seriously impressive - each 500ml bottle of Nutramino XL contains 50g of protein and 50g of carbs. If you're looking for a ready-to-drink protein drink which is really going to help with recovery after a hard session, this is an excellent option. Plus, if you buy them in bulk you can get them for less than £3 per bottle. Learn more and buy the product here -

Nutramino XL

So hopefully the above list has shown you that there are lots of excellent ready-to-drink high-protein drinks that you can buy in the UK. Let us know what your favourite is and if you think we should include any other brands!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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