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7 high protein cereals you can buy (tried & tested)

Published by Finn Hayden

Protein is an essential nutrient that all of us need to build muscle and keep our bodies healthy. Despite a huge increase in products which are high in protein, many people still seem to struggle to get enough of this nutrient in their diets.

That's why protein breakfast cereals are such a great idea - you can get your protein fix early in the day, in a tasty and convenient manner. There are lots of high protein breakfast cereal options out there right now, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best that we've found and tried. Let's get into it:


Looking at the SURREAL packaging and flavours, you might not make you think it's a high-protein cereal. But when we got this from our local Holland & Barrett, we were super surprised and impressed by the nutritional breakdown - each 100g of this cereal contains a whopping 33g of protein. On top of that, there is zero sugar and it is totally gluten-free. We're not totally sure how SURREAL has managed to achieve this, although we can see that soy protein isolate is a major ingredient in all varieties of their cereal. Learn more and buy it here -

SURREAL cereal

Grandma Crunch

Aside from having an awesome brand name and very cool box design, we're really impressed by the Grandma Crunch cereal. Not only does it manage to pack in 31.3g of protein per 100g, but it also contains zero sugar and has a very straightforward ingredient list. All of the cereal from Grandma Crunch is made using peas, which are a very versatile and neutral-tasting protein source making it ideal for cereal. This Cocoa flavour is probably the most popular product in the Grandma Crunch range, but other flavours include Caramel and Tutti Frutti, so there is something for everyone. Oh, and it's vegan-friendly too. Learn more and buy it here -

Grandma Crunch

Special K Protein

When we saw Special K Protein on the shelf at our local Waitrose, we were really surprised - we had written previously about how healthy Special K is, but we'd never seen this version of the cereal before. Made with nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts, as well as seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower, this cereal is packed with plant protein and contains 13g of protein per 100g. Learn more and buy it here -

Special K protein

Weetabix Protein

Weetabix is another cereal we've described as healthy previously, but the Weetabix Protein variety takes it to a new level. This cereal contains 19g of protein per 100g, which is really impressive. It's plant-based protein too, from wheat and from rice flour. We'd also say that this cereal actually tastes very similar to normal Weetabix, so you could make the swap to the high-protein version without missing the taste of the original. Learn more and buy it here -

Weetabix protein

Lizi's Granola High Protein

Lizi's Granola is a brand we included in our list of the healthiest granola you can buy in the UK, so it's not surprising to see them pop up in this list too. This granola contains a whopping 27g of protein per 100g, which is really impressive. The protein comes from all of the nuts and seeds which have been packed into every bag, such as walnut, almond, and pumpkin seeds. But the granola also contains soya protein isolate in the form of flakes and crispies, which really help to add more protein. Learn more and buy this cereal here -

Lizi's Granola

Eat Natural Protein Granola

Eat Natural is a brand which is well-known for producing a delicious range of protein bars, but not many people realise that the brand also produces some excellent breakfast cereals such as its Protein Granola. Containing almonds, roasted chickpeas, and pea protein, this cereal actually has some of the most interesting sources of protein of any of the cereals we've included in this list. But at 18.4g of protein per 100g, it's hard to argue with chickpeas in cereal! Learn more and buy it here -

Eat Natural protein granola

Peanut Butter Paleo Foods Co Granola

We spotted this cereal in our local Waitrose, so thought it would be a good idea to include it - and at 12.3g of protein per 100g, it is definitely worthy of a spot. The protein in this granola comes from the Peanut Butter, Roasted Peanuts, and Peanut Flour contained within the ingredients. So although this gives the granola lots of protein, it also gives it lots of fat and calories, so if you're bulking this might be a good cereal to buy. Learn more an buy it here -

Peanut Butter Paleo Foods Co

FUEL Granola

FUEL Granola is the only high-protein cereal we've seen in a number of different supermarkets - it's quite hard to find some of the others unless you buy them online, whereas we've seen this one in both Tesco and the Co-op. 15.9g of protein per 100g is impressive, especially seeing that all of this protein comes from oats, pumpkin seeds, and coconut. Learn more and buy it here -

FUEL Granola

So hopefully the above list will help you find a high-protein cereal that you can enjoy. If you enjoyed this guide, we also have a guide to the best protein bars we've found in the UK, as well as the highest fibre cereals you can buy.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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