Best Hair Products for 4C Afro Hair (that I use)

One of the scammiest marketplaces on the internet is 'black hair care, and it has become a marketplace for enormous cosmetic companies to target our demographic. For me, I have 4c hair and it took me years to find a source of reliable hair products that weren't laden with chemicals or a complete rip-off.

There are so many companies that claim to reduce dandruff, shedding and breakage, and dramatically increase the length of your hair, but a large portion of them do not seem t

So, if you're in the UK (or USA) and you're struggling to find something that works, here are my recommendations for the best hair products for 4c hair types.


What is 4C hair?

For those who are unaware, hair is categorised into 10 or so texture categories. 1 is completely straight hair all the way along to 4c which is tight, coily hair. The coily hair is specifically difficult to maintain and notoriously fragile.

The difficulty is that 4C hair often gets tangled and is prone to breaking when it is being combed. The routines that some people put themselves through to cultivate long 4C hair is beyond all imagination. Everybody's hair is different, so finding the right routine for you can take years of trial and error.

Anybody will know, that once you've cracked the right product and routine for your hair, it draws all kinda attention.

Let me tell you about the best products I have found for my 4c hair.


Best Black Hair Products

I'd like to front this with this is what I personally use, rather than what may work best for you. The right routine for you will come with trial and error.

My list of black hair products is not necessarily 'black-owned' either. Many are part of large corporate companies and I cannot be sure that they are 100% ethical in every way. I am recommending what I use.

If you do read this and have any reccommendations/ you own a company that sells products for black 4c hair, then get in touch and we may include it in our post.


I believe that anything from Cantu is great. I have both the Coil Calm Detangler and hair conditioner in my cupboard right now, and both are fantastic.

Cantu was first established by Rick Cantu (Italy) and has now been acquired by PDC brands which is a multinational global company. They operate a long list of other health and wellbeing brands.

Previously, I had not known the origin of Cantu's hair products, however, I can say that they definitely do work to make life a lot easier.

You can find their whole range in supermarkets, on the highstreet or on their website at:



L'Oreal - Elvive

One day my sister came to stay. Her hair is slightly softer than mine but takes her hair care very seriously. She brought with her the oil she used every day to protect her hair - the Elvive oil from L'Oreal.

The oil is very light, it isn't at all greasy and is absorbed into my hair and scalp very quickly. The simple fact that I could run my hands through my hair without acquiring a layer of oil was fantastic.

Other than making my hair feel softer, lighter and less tangled, it makes sure that everything up there is sweet smelling too.

It took me a while to find this oil in the shops, but it is easy to pick up online at


Creme Nature - Argan Oil foaming moose

When I went digging into my personal store, I realised I was just out of my Argan oil.

Argan oil, compared to Castor oil or Coconut oil, is much lighter, smoother and more luxurious. While there is a little residue from the oil, I don't find myself needing to constantly wash my hands or wipe my forehead. That is the worst.

I like the creme nature oil because it is easy to dispense and leaves my hair feeling light and bouncy.


Rebel Roots - Omu

A few years ago now, a friend suggested that I try out a product called 'Omu'. It was from a tiny company we were making their oils from scratch. It only cost me £5 so I gave it a go.

The oil is 100% natural and designed using an old Indian recipe for hair regrowth and protection.

To this day, I still use this oil on my edges and the back of my neck (where my hair pulls when I put it up in a pineapple).

Rebel Roots Omu


Today, As-I-Am are massive. When I first heard about the company, they were just starting out in the UK and were relatively unheard of.

Then one day, I stumbled across them in Superdrug! I thought back to the time I met the owner and tried some of the products myself.

Other than being a really great brand of hair products for 4c hair types, the company give away $1 of every sale to charity. They have raised over $200,000


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