The best graduation gifts for him that you can buy in the UK (top 7)

When you graduate, it marks a significant change in your life. Gone are the student days of lazing around during the day, going out at night, and doing a bit of work in between. All of a sudden you're thrust into the world of work, expected to get up every morning and actually turn up somewhere. For guys, this change can be especially difficult, as generally speaking the male student experience involves a bit more lazing about and a bit more alcohol.

The good news is that if you do have a male student in your life who is leaving university or college, buying a graduation gift for him is actually quite straightforward. We thought it would be useful to round up the best graduation gifts to buy for a male, let's get into it:

Rigatoni Di Gragnano

Most students don't do much cooking at university, and in our experience, this was especially true of male students. Graduating gives these students a chance to think about doing a bit more cooking than they did during their time studying, but chances are they won't be looking to do anything too strenuous That's why a bag of fancy pasta could be a great graduation gift - it'll taste great and it's expensive enough to justify being given as a gift, but it's also easy enough to cook for a freshly graduated student. We'd recommend this rigatoni for an added classy element, learn more and buy it here -

Tower casserole dish

The flipside to our first recommendation of pasta is that the male you're buying more might see their graduation as a chance to get a bit more adventurous with their cooking. For this, they'll need good equipment, and a good casserole dish is a must. This 24cm non-stick casserole dish from Tower is big and sturdy enough for any guy who wants to make a hearty meal. Buy it from Argos for £40 here -
casserole dish

SoL coffee cup

Graduating often means getting a job (not always, but usually), and getting a job means he'll probably be getting up early. If the person you're buying a gift for is the type of guy who loves his coffee, then consider buying him a really good coffee travel cup like one of the glass cups from SoL. These are totally chemical-free and made from hand-blown glass, making them have a real quality feel. Buy a SoL cup for £11 here -
SOl flask

The Great British Porridge Co.

We've already established that life after graduating often means getting up early, and we've also established that generally speaking, guys don't do as much cooking as girls. So that's why we think a good quality instant porridge is the perfect graduation gift - give him a box of The Great British Porridge Co. instant porridge, and he won't have to worry about waking up early to make his breakfast before his new job. He can just bung this in the microwave and have a delicious and filling breakfast in minutes. Yu can buy a variety pack for around £20 here -
great British porridge co

Willow & Flo Candles

Candles aren't very masculine, but they are an excellent gift for someone graduating. The reason for this is because in most university and college accommodation, candles are banned. They're seen as a fire hazard and for that reason, students usually don't get to use candles. That's what makes them such a great graduation gift - one he's out of his student accommodation, it's a great opportunity for him to make use of candles to help him wind down in the evenings. You could get a fun candle like this female body-shaped style from Willow & Flo, explore their range here -

Next photo frames

Photo frames can seem a bit old fashioned and maybe not the ideal gift for a guy, but they're actually perfect as a graduation gift. You have so many memories and good times as a student captured via photo, but the majority of the time these photos live online and are lost in Facebook albums. This is especially true of guys, as generally speaking, girls will make more of an effort to print photos. So buying a guy a nice photo frame as a graduation gift is actually a really good idea, as it'll give them a physical reminder of their student days. Bonus points if you include a good photo in the frame. We really like the collection of photo frames from Next, which include sizes from A2 to A4, and can be bought for as little as £8. Explore the range here -
Photo frames mini collection

Easynote Notebook

A notebook might seem like the last thing an ex-student would need, but it's actually a really good gift to get someone after they've graduated. Life gets a bit more serious after graduation, and a notebook is a great thing to use to organise your life a bit. Guys seem to appreciate the slightly more expensive, leatherback notebooks, but we also think the notebooks like this one from Easynote will do the job. It looks great and costs just £6.99, get it here -

Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose a great graduation gift for him. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us to include!

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