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Gluten free granola that is truly gluten free – 5 great options you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

For people trying to follow a gluten free diet, there is often a bit of confusion about whether or not they can eat oats. Although oats don't contain gluten themselves, oats can easily be contaminated with gluten by other types of grains such as wheat and rye, which is why gluten free oats, which have been processed in a facility where no cross contamination can happen, are produced.

So when it comes to granola, people following a gluten free diet have to be careful to choose a granola which has been made using these special gluten free oats. There are quite a few options like this, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best gluten free granola that you can buy. Let's get into it:

Waitrose FreeFrom granola

We wouldn't typically start one of our guides with such a simple product, but we feel that the Waitrose FreeFrom gluten free granola is perfect for anyone looking for a really simple granola that they can add things to as they like. Made using oats which are free from cross contamination with other grains, this granola isn't totally plain as it does contain a mix of almonds, sunflower seeds, and sultanas, but it's much simpler compared to a lot of the other granola we tried for this guide. Learn more and buy it here -

Waitrose gluten free granola


Made using puffed quinoa, the Qnola granola is naturally gluten free and also has the added benefit of being naturally high in protein. We tried this mixed berry flavour which we really enjoyed and which had a nice sweetness to it, despite containing no refined sugar. We should add that because this is made from quinoa, it's quite filling, and we found that one small bowl was more than enough for us. But people following gluten free diets will be used to this as often other products such as gluten free pasta are made using quinoa flour. Learn. more and buy it here -


Holland & Barrett fruit & nut granola

Another great simple option that we wanted to include in our guide is this fruit and nut gluten free granola from Holland & Barrett. Made with honey and sugar as well as raisins, it's definitely quite sweet and maybe not too healthy, but it's delicious and gluten free so well worthy of a place in our guide.

If you like your granola even simpler than this, you can actually buy a gluten free granola base from Holland & Barrett, which is literally just a bag of gluten free oats which have been toasted with sugar. Learn more and buy them both here -

Holland & Barrett Fruit & Nut granola

Raw Press Boost granola

The Boost granola from Raw Press is really impressive - as well as being totally gluten free, it's also suitable for vegans and it contains no refined sugar, making it a very healthy choice (hence why we include it in our healthy granola guide). This is probably the most interesting granola in this guide because we definitely wouldn't describe it as simple - made with ingredients like cacao, ginseng, maca, and matcha, this granola is designed to get you ready for the day and give you energy. If you're wanting a super healthy gluten free granola, this is an excellent option. Learn more and buy it here -

Boost granola

Deliciously Ella original granola

The Deliciously Ella team produces all kinds of delicious snacks and foods which are suitable for all sorts of diets, including gluten free. The Original Granola from the Deliciously Ella range is made using gluten free oats and has a delicious mix of raisins, coconut chips, and a pinch of cinnamon for some lovely sweetness. It's also 100% suitable for vegans and high in fibre, so just a great product overall. Learn more and buy it here -

Deliciously Ella original granola

Bio & Me granola (gluten free)

We've included the Bio & Me brand quite a few times on our site, including in our probiotic yoghurt guide, but more importantly, we included them in our healthy granola guide too. The granola we looked at previously from Bio & Me wasn't made with gluten free oats, but we're delighted the brand has released a range of granola which is suitable for people following a gluten free diet. This granola contains the same gut friendly bacteria as the standard variety of granola made from Bio & Me, just without the gluten. We tried the Berry Burst variety which was really tasty and contained no added sugar. Learn more and buy it here -

Bio & Me gluten free granola

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some delicious gluten free granola, and proves that granola made using gluten free oats can be just as delicious and healthy as normal granola. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us, we're all ears. If you're interested in similar guides, check out our guides to the best gluten free bread we've tried and the best gluten free cereal we've tried.

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