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Best gluten free crisps – 7 options to try if you want a delicious snack without the gluten

Published by Finn Hayden

For people trying to follow a gluten free diet, it can often be quite hard to discern which foods they can eat, and which they can't. This is especially hard when certain products are often touted as being gluten free, when in actual fact they aren't.

One such example is crisps - people often think that because they're made using potato, all crisps are perfectly fine for people following a gluten free diet to consume. But this really isn't the case, as just like we mentioned in our gluten free granola guide, cross contamination can occur which can mean that many crisps can end up containing gluten, despite not using an ingredient such as wheat.

For this reason, it's really important that people following a gluten free diet consume crisps which have been made in an environment where no cross contamination has occurred. Luckily, there are lots of options like that in the UK. We wanted to round up the best gluten free crisps that you can buy, let's get into it:

Schär gluten free Curvies BBQ

These Curvies from Schär are very simple in terms of shape and texture to Pringles, but they contain no gluten. Made using dehydrated potatoes and rice flour, these crisps are a perfect gluten free alternative to Pringles. The Schär brand is excellent when it comes to gluten free products, as all of the raw materials they use are gluten-free, and to avoid cross-contamination the company uses a strict allergen control system. We're really impressed with these crisps, learn more and buy them here -

Curvies BBQ

Eat Real veggie straws

We actually included these crisps in our low calorie crisps guide, because as well as being made without gluten, they're also very low in calories. Made using real vegetables such as kale and spinach, these crisps contain no gluten and are also quite a healthy option. We've seen these crisps appearing in the gluten free sections of some of our local supermarkets, learn more and buy them here -

Eat Real veggie straws

Asda Free From Tortilla chips

The Asda Free From range of products is excellent, and we've written previously about how Asda is definitely one of the best supermarkets for gluten free food. These Free From nacho cheese flavour tortilla chips from Asda are 100% gluten free and have a very addictive cheese taste. Made using maize flour, these tortilla chips have a very satisfying crunch and a perfect with salsa or sour cream. Learn more and buy them here -

Asda free from tortilla chips

Boundless smoky bacon chips

The Boundless smoky bacon crisps are really interesting because they're made using sprouted sorghum and pea flour, 2 ingredients which are both naturally gluten free and which give these crisps a great crunchy taste and also make them high in protein. These crisps from Boundless are also "activated", which means they're full of good bacteria which is great for your gut. We love the smoky bacon taste of these, learn more and buy them here -

Boundless smoky bacon

Well & Truly Crunchies

Nik Naks are amazing crisps - the nobbly texture and the intense flavour makes them one of the most satisfying types of crisps to eat. But unfortunately, Nik Naks contain gluten. These Crunchies from Well & Truly are a great gluten free alternative to Nik Naks and other nobbly types of crisps. Made using a blend of corn and rice flour, they're naturally gluten free rather than having the gluten removed. Learn more and buy them here -

Well & Truly Crunchies

Mister Free'd blue maize tortilla chips

Another great option for gluten free crisps are these blue maize tortilla chips from Mister Free'd, which not only taste lovely, but also look really cool (just look at the colour). Made using a blend of corn flour and blue corn flour, they're naturally free from gluten, as well as being totally vegan and free from soya. These tortilla chips can be snacked on or go very well when paired with Mexican food, learn more and buy them here -

Mister Free'd blue maize tortilla chips

Tesco free from bacon rashers

The Tesco Free From range is also excellent for gluten free products, with some really great products like the tasty gluten free bread that we featured previously. These Bacon Rashers crisps from Tesco are 100% gluten free and really excellent tasting. In fact, they reminded us a lot of the popular Frazzles crisps. Made with a blend of rice flour and maize, they have a great crunchy texture and we found them to be very moreish. Learn more and buy them here -

Tesco free from bacon rashers

We hope this guide helps you to find some tasty gluten free crisps. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us, we're all ears. If you're interested in similar guides, check out our guide to the best gluten free cereal we've tried. If you're looking for something to pair with your gluten free crisps then check out our guide to the best gluten free lager you can buy.

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