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Best gluten free chocolate – 7 delicious options to try if you want a sweet treat without gluten

Published by Finn Hayden

Trying to avoid gluten in your diet can be really difficult, as it can pop up in so many unexpected places. I'm sure many of you didn't even realise that chocolate contains gluten, but the truth is that a lot of the most popular chocolate brands do include gluten in their products. Luckily for anyone wanting to avoid gluten, there is lots of excellent gluten free chocolate out there to choose from. We wanted to round up the best we've tried, let's get into it:

Raw Halo

If you're open to the idea of trying vegan chocolate, there are lots of excellent options which don't include any gluten. Raw Halo is a good example of a vegan chocolate brand which is perfect for anyone looking to avoid gluten - all of the chocolate from this brand is produced in a gluten-free facility, and the products are regularly allergen tested for gluten. There is actually a really helpful FAQ section on the Raw Halo website that outlines what makes the products from this brand suitable for coeliacs. Learn more and buy it here -

Raw Halo

Rhythm 108

We previously reviewed the healthy biscuits from Rhythm 108, and we were really impressed by them. This brand also makes chocolate which is both vegan and totally gluten free. Although the products from Rhythm 108 aren't all certified by the Coeliac Society, the team does test the products to be under 20 p.p.m, which is the legal limit for a product to be labelled gluten free. It's interesting to see that a lot of the chocolate from this brand lists gluten free oat flour as an ingredient, which gives some texture without the gluten. Learn more and buy it here -

Dark Cocoa Orange Rhythm108

Tesco free from salted caramel choc bar

Tesco is one of the best supermarkets for gluten free food, so it's no surprise that one of the chocolate bars from this supermarket has ended up in this list. We really love the taste of the Salted Caramel choc bar from Tesco, which is not only free from gluten but also wheat and dairy. If you're a fan of salted caramel you'll really enjoy this, learn more and buy it here -

Tesco free from chocolate

NOMO choc orange crunch bar

You might recognise the NOMO brand from our vegan Easter egg guide, but the brand also does a great selection of chocolate bars. They're not just vegan, they're also totally free from gluten too. What's really reassuring about buying chocolate from NOMO is that the team takes allergen management procedures very seriously - they work closely with suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they use in their chocolate are totally free from allergens such as gluten, and there is even a separate section of the factory where the chocolate is made to ensure no cross-contamination. Learn more and buy it here -

NOMO orange

Hu Kitchen dark chocolate

The chocolate from Hu Kitchen is really impressive - not only does it contain no gluten, but it's also free from other allergens like dairy and soya, as well as rubbish like palm oil. If you're really conscious about what you put in your body and you're wanting to avoid gluten, then this is a great option. There is even an entire gluten free section on the Hu Kitchen website. Learn more and buy it here -

HU chocolate

Montezuma's Happiness milk chocolate 

So far you might have got the impression that only vegan chocolate is gluten free. Although we don't really have a problem with that as it all tastes really good, we also wanted to include a non-vegan option. This milk chocolate from Montezuma's is 35% cocoa and made with salted caramel and hazelnuts. If you don't fancy this chocolate, there is a whole section on the Montezuma's website which is full of gluten free options. Learn more and buy this chocolate here -

Montezuma's chocolate

Deliciously Ella Creamy Hazelnut

We've previously written about the excellent granola from Deliciously Ella, but not many people realise that this brand also makes excellent vegan and gluten free chocolate. This chocolate really does taste very creamy, despite being totally free from milk. Learn more and buy it here -

Deliciously Ella

So hopefully the above list proves that you can buy great gluten free chocolate in the UK. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us! If you're interested in similar guides, we have an article all about the best gluten free cereal you can buy, and the best gluten free bread you can buy. Check them out!

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