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Best gifts for coffee lovers 2022

Coffee isn't just a morning drink, it's a way of life for many. So when it comes to buying gifts for coffee lovers, you can do better than a Costa gift card. We wanted to round up our favourite coffee-related gifts for 2022, let's get into it:

Everlong Print Co. - best for aspiring baristas 

Good coffee is an art form, which is why we think the Coffee Art Print Poster from Everlong Print Co. is one of the best gifts you can buy for any coffee enthusiast. It's a minimalist print featuring a collection of different types of coffee, and not only works as an attractive piece of wall art but also works as a 'cheat sheet' for aspiring baristas. We love the look of the poster and could see it working in a kitchen, study, or bedroom (if you're the sort of person who dreams about the drip method). Take a look at the poster here -

FireShot Capture 1556 - Coffee Art Print Poster — Everlong Print Co -

Quirky Coffee Co - Best for a quirky boost

Last year was a slog - get everyone going again in 2022 with this delicious Christmas Blend coffee from Quirky Coffee Co. You'll pick up notes of red berries with a dark chocolate finish, so it'll definitely keep the Christmas vibe going long into the New Year. We also love that it's organic.

Get yourself a packet and explore the rest of their range here -


Easy Jose - Best for a decaf daily brew

More people working from home has led many people to consume more coffee than usual, and as it looks like WFH will continue into 2022 it's important that you have a delicious decaf option in the house too so you don't overdose on caffeine. Our absolute favourite is definitely the decaf option from Easy Jose - this delicious coffee is from Pichanaki in the highlands of central Peru, and includes notes of cocoa and hazelnut. The coffee is decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process, which is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free process that retains the taste of the coffee.

Not only do we love this coffee, but we also love what this brand stands for. They work closely with indigenous communities to help them grow coffee sustainably and without harming their home. Learn more about this excellent coffee here - 


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