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Ghee that we love (our 4 favourite)

Published by Finn Hayden

Ghee is a product which has always been hugely popular in many parts of the world such as India, and which is really beginning to grow in popularity here in the UK. We're starting to see ghee stocked in our local supermarkets and health stores, and we're really pleased about that because it's a great product.

If you're not sure what ghee is then it's essentially just butterfat which is made by simmering butter to remove water content and milk solids. The butter used to make ghee typically has to be grass fed (read our guide about grass-fed butter here), as this is what helps to make it so nutritious.

Not only can ghee be used in cooking to add a very distinct and rich flavour, but it can also be consumed straight from the jar, and often that is how people who want the health benefits of ghee will consume it. Because ghee is usually made using high-quality, grass-fed butter, it tends to be high in vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to ghee, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best ghee that you can currently buy in the UK. Let's get into it:

Ghee Easy

This was the highest-rated ghee we could find, with a very impressive Amazon rating of 4.6/5 from more than 800 reviews and a near-perfect rating on Holland & Barrett. We were definitely impressed with the product and felt that for people who want no-nonsense, versatile ghee, it was absolutely perfect. Made using grass-fed, organic milk and butter, this ghee has a lovely richness and tastes very fresh. It's free from lactose, and at around £2.50 per 100g, it's also one of the best-priced ghee options that we could find. It also has a high smoke point of 250 degrees Celsius, which makes it perfect for use in cooking. We're very impressed with this product and think it's ideal for anyone who wants ghee butter that they can cook with and also consume straight out of the jar. Learn more and buy it here -

Ghee Easy

Fushi organic ghee

This ghee butter from the Fushi brand is made using butter and cream from grass-fed cows, and we think it's a really high quality product. You might also notice that this product has won a 'great taste' award, and it was one of the only ghee products we found which had won an award like this. This product is slow-cooked for 8 hours before being jarred, which makes a big difference to the end product in terms of taste and texture, with the end result being ghee which has a rich golden colour and a lovely sweetness. On top of all of this, the product is also certified organic by the Soil Association. Learn more and buy it here -

Fushi organic ghee

Happy Butter Organic Golden Turmeric Ghee

Infused with fresh Turmeric root, this ghee from the Happy Butter has a lovely rich, earthy flavour which is excellent for cooking or for consuming straight out of the jar. It's produced in the West Country area and is made using organic butter sourced from the UK, and we really feel like you can taste the quality. This ghee is also free from lactose and certified organic by the Soil Association, so you can be sure that you're buying a quality product. This ghee is also a winner of a 'Great Taste' award, and it also has a very impressive rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon from more than 50 reviews. Learn more and buy it here -

Happy Butter Organic Golden Ghee

East End Pure Butter Ghee

If you're looking for butter ghee to use for Indian-style cooking, then East End Pure Butter Ghee is a very good product to use. It's perfect for frying food which you want to give a nice golden, buttery taste and texture, and it works well with everything from chicken to courgette. At £11 per kg, it's also very reasonably priced, and it'll last for ages once it has been opened. Learn more and buy it here -

East End Pure Butter Ghee

We hope this guide helps you to find a tasty and high-quality jar of ghee to enjoy. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you want to read a similar guide, we have a guide to the best raw milk we've bought and tried

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