The best games you need to try for 2022 (Our favourites)

If you're anything like us, you've probably spent the last few years watching way too much television. And although some of it was great, it's safe to say that we're definitely over boxsets. That's why we wanted to round up our favourite alternative ideas for passing the time with some fun games that you might not have heard of. Let's get into our picks:

Cloudberries - best for grown-up gaming

Are you sick of the streaming platform rotation? You know what we mean, you flick through Netflix, Prime Video, and maybe even Disney Plus until you settle on something disappointing you end up turning off after 20 minutes. Well, set aside the remote control and pick up a puzzle from Cloudberries. Their range of puzzles are challenging enough for adults, without being soul-destroyingly boring - every puzzle features an interesting design and a high-quality feel (the pieces are thicker than any puzzle we've used before and the soft click of each piece fitting perfectly is insanely addictive).  Trust us when we say that you might just cancel your Netflix subscription and invest in jigsaws instead after you've tried Cloudberries.

You can explore their full range, starting with 500-piece puzzles, here -


4tec - best for simple + fast games

Are you looking for a fun, simple game that the whole family can instantly get involved in? 4tec takes a classic game that everyone can understand - Naughts & Crosses - and takes it up a notch by making it 3D. What we love about 4tec is that it's something familiar, just with a modern twist. This makes it both easy to grasp but also fresh and exciting, especially for younger players.

You can grab a 4tec board directly from their website here -


Taxi! - best for competitive families

Nothing quite brings out the competitive side of families than a game based on Trivia knowledge. The best thing about Taxi! is that it isn't just a general knowledge game - you can choose a game based around a specific destination, football team, rugby team or The Open golf tournament. So it really pays to have an encyclopedic knowledge of 1 specific subject!

You could take this up a notch by letting people know what edition of the game you'll be playing beforehand. Cue everyone frantically doing their homework before opening the box!

Get free standard shipping to any UK address, order yours here -

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