Best Funny (& Rude) Christmas Jumpers (for 2023)

Christmas is the only time of year that it is acceptable to wear a silly (and sometimes rude) novelty jumper. It has never been a thing in my family, but the tradition of a novelty funny Christmas jumper has started to spread like wildfire.

The Christmas sweater (or jumper) tradition started back in the 1980s with TV presenters donning a festive (often knitted jumper) during the Christmas holidays and even managed to find its way onto the likes of Shakin' Stevens and Andy Williams. If you're reading this, then you're not looking for something specifically traditional, you're looking to stand out, make your family laugh or give a gift to your loved one to remember for years to come. In our opinion, the ruder the Christmas jumper, the funnier it is!

So, we have put together a little list of the best rude and funny Christmas jumpers we've found for 2023 and likely beyond!


Best Funny & Rude Novelty Christmas Jumpers UK (2023)

Ukraine Themed Funny Christmas Jumper

Ukraine has been a firm talking point in 2023, so this jumper is politically topical if nothing else. While the conflict has been one of the worst we have seen in modern times, the dark humour of the defending forces has been a standing beacon of their defiance.

So, we think this funny Christmas jumper is perfect to bring a smile to your family's face, to get a few groans and will likely go viral if you post it on your social media.

It ticks several boxes. It is rude, funny and shows your support for the conflict. We love it and thought it was one of the best funny Christmas jumpers we found on the internet. If you like it, show some support by getting one for the whole family.

What do you think? You can find it on Amazon UK right here:

Vegans Stole my Novelty Christmas Jumper

I have to say, this one is pretty lame but it drew at least a tiny chuckle from me.

As you may have noticed, we quite like the rude and dark humour on some of these Christmas jumpers. But this one is quite light-hearted. The jumper is simply a snowman who has had his nose stolen. It was the vegans!

While it may not be the rudest or funniest Christmas jumper, it is pretty cute and likely to rouse your uncle into a tirade about 'your generation'. Which is a prime for at least some kind of funny memory to talk about for years to come.

Anyway, whether you have a vegan friend you want to noise up, or you're a vegan yourself, you could consider this jumper for your 2023 party outfit.

You can find it here on Amazon UK.



'I don't know either'

I honestly don't know what this is, why it is here or what it means. But it's so bizarre that it put me into a coma for 15 minutes. It's just strange, which makes it hilarious.

This Christmas jumper is, by its simple existence, a joke. Sometimes you don't need to get a rude Christmas jumper for it to be funny - it just needs to be outright rediculous.

So, if you bought this for your friend or family, the fact that they are wearing this bizarre jumper is just funny. It could be a good way to embarrass somebody, or it could be a perfect reflection of their personality.

Just imagine getting this for one of your siblings and forcing them to wear it for all of the family outings.

From afar it is pink and flowy. Up close, the faces are just mind-blowingly funny.


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Human Santapede Funny Christmas Jumper

All right, who did this!? The Human Santapede is pretty juvenile, but I love it. For a funny Christmas jumper, it is actually (you wouldn't believe it) funny. After searching through reams of boring jumpers, I have found one that is worth the time writing this.

If you don't know, the human centipede is a cult horror film where a mad scientist turns a bunch of innocent bystanders into a centipede. Yes, it is as bizzare as you are imagining. This Christmas jumper is just a play on that, and it's pretty funny if you get the joke.

You can find the jumper on Amazon UK here.



Grdn Rmsy Christmas Jumper

Again, I have no idea why this is a funny Christmas sweater, but it just is. The jumper is simply a distorted version of Gordon Ramsey, with the caption 'Crismis Sosig!'. I can only assume it is a strange play on 'Christmas sausage'.

Grab some helium and say it, and then it becomes the funniest thing you've ever heard. Gordon Ramsey is known for his rude humour so there are several pretty rude christmas jumpers that you can find online with the man's face on it. 'It's raw' is a personal favourite.

I suppose that humour is subjective, but you will surely find somebody (or know somebody) that finds this jumper genuinely side-splittingly funny.

The jumper is available on Etsy if you're in the mood for some Gordon Ramsey fun:


Nick Cage Vs Jesus in a Party Hat

Nick Cage is one of the funniest men alive. Not because he is a good comedian, but because he is so out of this world.

So, it becomes very funny when you alter a picture of Jesus to look like Nick Cage and put him in a party hat.

Very strange. But also, pretty funny.

This Christmas jumper is pretty simple, just a wite one with Jesus celebrating his birthday. I suppose that Christmas is his traditional birthday so it makes this a christmas jumper.

This jumper is available on Etsy but it looks like the link has been recently removed. I liked it so much that I will keep it here as one of the funniest Christmas jumpers I have seen.


glogold (1)

Final Thoughs

Well, we hope that you've enjoyed our round-up for the best rude and funny Christmas jumpers that are available in the UK. There are a few options here and each will hopefully appeal to different people for different reasons.

If you'd like to add anything to ur post (or you have a funny or rude jumper to share with us) add your comment in the section below.

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