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The 5 best frozen pizzas that we’ve bought & tried

Published by Finn Hayden

Frozen food often gets a bad rap, and in some cases it is definitely warranted. Frozen food can often be cheaper and of a lesser quality compared to fresh foods.

But just because something is frozen, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is of a lower quality. Take, for instance, frozen pizza - some frozen pizza is cheap rubbish, but a lot of it is actually very high quality, and we've been really impressed with what the pizzas found in our supermarket freezers recently.


We thought it would be useful to round up the best frozen pizza that you can buy in the UK, based on our experiences and on third-party reviews. Let's get into it:

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza

We'll start by saying that we don't like the name 'Dr. Oetker', as it makes us think of medicine. But we do love the frozen pizza from this brand - made using really simple ingredients, we were shocked at the lack of artificial rubbish in this pizza. The base is made using wheat flour and the herbs used to bring out the taste of the pizza include basil and oregano. We like the Pizza Mozzarella variety, which is made using a blend of Edam and mozzarella cheese. The pizza will be ready in 15 minutes from frozen, and the cheese melts beautifully. Learn more and buy it here -
Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza

Zizzi Rustica Pizza

Zizzi is a popular chain of Italian restaurants in the UK and is well-known for making very tasty pizzas. We were extremely skeptical when we saw these frozen Zizzi pizzas in our local supermarket freezer, but having bought and tried a few of them, we're happy to say that they're almost as good as the pizza you'd buy at a Zizzi restaurant. These oval-shaped pizzas are made using hand-stretched dough which has been leavened for 24 hours. Every variety of pizza that we tried from this range was generously topped, and our favourite was the Piccante Pepperoni (pictured) which came with a sachet of chilli oil to drizzle over the pizza. We were blown away by how good these frozen pizzas are, and we weren't surprised to see that the Zizzi pizzas were among the highest-rated on the Tesco website. Learn more and buy it here -
Zizzi frozen pizza

The Gym Kitchen

With a name like The Gym Kitchen, you might expect the frozen pizzas from this brand to be not much fun. However, not only are these pizzas very tasty, but they're also pretty healthy. These pizzas are made using a protein base which contains pea protein, so these pizzas pack quite a bit more protein than your normal frozen pizza. They're also lower in calories than most of the other frozen pizzas you'll find due to containing less wheat. You can buy a few different varieties of this pizza, but we really liked the vegan Chick'n & Chorizno which is also 1 of your 5 a day. We actually included the ready meals from this brand in our low calorie ready meal guide if you want to learn about those. Learn more about the frozen pizzas from this brand and buy them here -
The Gym Kitchen

MyProtein pizza

Similar to the pizza from The Gym Kitchen, it might not sound very fun to buy a frozen pizza from MyProtein, a company which typically sells products like protein bars. But we love the frozen pizzas from this brand - made using broad bean flour, the crust has a lot of flavour and is also much lower in calories versus most other frozen pizzas that we looked at. The taste is great, but the real standout thing about these pizzas is that 1 pizza contains more than 67g of protein, which is quite amazing. The only reason we didn't include this frozen higher up in our guide is because it's only available to buy from Iceland. Learn more and buy it here -
MyProtein pizza

Goodfella's stonebaked

The Goodfella's pizza brand has been stocked in our supermarket freezers for a very long time, and we're not surprised at all that they've lasted for this long - the pizzas are delicious and well-made. The Goodfella's range features a variety of frozen pizzas, but we think that the stonebaked pizzas are the best you can buy from the brand. These pizzas are made with the traditional Italian-style thin base, and have a lovely crispness to them. We love the Margherita variety of pizzas, which are made with a blend of mozzarella & cheddar cheese. Learn more and buy the pizza here -

Waitrose thin & crispy

We tried frozen pizzas from a number of UK supermarkets, but we felt that the frozen pizzas from Waitrose were by far the best. We were really impressed with the fresh wood-fired pizzas from this supermarket, so this wasn't too much of a surprise.  They're all made with a very thin stone baked pizza base, which is deliciously crispy. The range features a variety of toppings, but this Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato & Pesto frozen pizza was absolutely delicious and the best we tried. Plus, it was generously topped and there was plenty of pesto and lots of tomatoes on this pizza. We were also impressed to see that on the Waitrose website, this pizza is currently sitting with a rating of 4/5 from more than 40 reviews. Learn more and buy it here -
Waitrose frozen pizza

We hope this guide helps you to find delicious frozen pizza to enjoy. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for frozen pizza that we should try!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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