Best Origami & Folding Kayaks in the UK

We are never happier than when we're out in the wilderness, on water. Especially in the UK, there is little more thrilling than a weekend break by the coast, or along the banks of a lazy river.

The problem with many of the water-borne items is that they can be extremely heavy, difficult to transport and expensive to rent (the Stand-Up Paddle Boards are surprisingly bulky)

Thankfully, there are others who have experienced the same pain and have invented lightweight, folding kayaks which can be folded open while in use, and packed away to make them easy to transport or pack during the off-season.

So, without more fluff, we have reviewed what we think are the best folding Kayaks available in the UK right now.


What is a Folding / Origami Kayak?

Out of the two - I think 'Origami Kayak' explains these Kayaks best of all. They are sophisticated, sometimes delicate, portable Kayaks which are perfect for holidays, travelling or casual users.

As you'll be expecting, these are Kayaks which are designed to fold down into a smaller box or be flattened. They are usually made from a folding frame and a skin which is fastened over the top.

The Folding Kayaks come in many different shapes, sizes, price points and levels of sophistication. We have included some basic options, more advanced and completely bespoke options


Best Kayak (Folding & Origami)


Oru Kayak - Inlet - Best for Beginners

Price: £999

The Oru Kayak Inlet is the entry-level to their range of foldable Kayaks. Oru, a reference to 'Origami Kayals', is pretty outstripping the competition by some way, and are becoming known as 'The' folding Kayak company.

This particular model is great for a starter, and does everything you need, without spending too much on your first go. You can upgrade or pick a bigger model, but this provides the best value in our minds.

The Kayak can be folded into a little bag carry (42" x 10" x 18") which means there is no need for a roof-rack, and the Kayak can be put into the boot of a car with ease.

Check them out on Amazon UK (all models are listed here).


Pakayak - Bluefin - best for Performance


The Pakayak is not technically a 'folding kayak', but more a Russian Doll. It has a unique and sophisticated design that means the Kayak can be built into itself for storage and assembled within 3 minutes.

The hull is made with UV-resistant polyethene and fits together with a leak-proof sealing system and water-proof storage facility.

The Blue fin is ideal for speed and agility, so a more active or competitive user will find that this Kayak is right up their stream.

You may find them on amazon UK

Pakayak Blue Fin

Oru Kayak - Haven TT - Best for Two People

Price: £1800

Oru Kayak has put its industry-leading technology to work with the twin-seat Haven TT Origami Kayak. We believe this is the only one currently available in the UK but we very well could be wrong.

The Haven TT uses the same quality and skill to make a Kayak with enough space for two people - and comes equipt with two fittings for a seat.

Honestly, this would be our choice. There is nothing good about any experience unless you can share it with somebody else. Go on, take somebody else out on your adventures... or just have more space for storage.

You'll get it on Amazon UK alongside the other Our Kayak options.



Long Haul M2 - Best for Bespoke Experiences

Price: £5000+

If you've been Kayaking for years and you're not really interested in a mass market folding kayak, then Long Haul may be the people you should speak to.

While they are based in the USA, they started producing origami kayaks 26 years ago and are the place to go if you're looking for a bespoke, custom-made experience.

While there are some off-the-shelf models at Long Haul, they produce spare parts, and custom modules and will more than likely help build your perfect Kayak.

The downside, this is going to cost quite a bit. So, if you have the funds then go over to their website here:

You may find them on amazon UK


TRAK 2.0 Kayak — SIGNATURE - Best for Durability

Price: £900+

Although it is one of the more expensive options here, the Track 2.0 are the premier performance Kayak. It has three hydraulic jacks and a skin-on-frame design which ensures it feels as much like a sea-kayak as a folding one.

The skin is 'military grade' durable with carbon fibre ribs and is designed to survive almost any condition. Whether that be catching a rock or a huge wave.

The Track 2.0 takes roughly ten minutes to set up once you have the hang of it, but once it is done, it is ready to go for a long or short haul. It may not be the quickest to set up but certainly the most durable here.

You can find Track via their website and they ship to the UK


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