Best Elf Bar flavours in the UK!

The elf bar is by far the most popular disposable vape in the UK right now. The reason is very apparent as soon as you try one; it is super packed with flavour. There are a few alternatives to Elf Bar that taste quite the same. 

The sheer number of flavours, variations and types of elf bars is genuinely overwhelming and there are at least 90 listed on the elf bar website. The appeal to try them all is strong, and to work out which are the best Elf Bar Favours would tale a lot of time, a fair bit of money and a huge pair of lungs. Thankfully, we are going to do the hard work for you.

So, here are the best (and most popular) Elf Bar flavours currently available in the UK. 

  1. Spearmint
  2. Pink Lemonade
  3. Apple Peach
  4. Blue Razz Lemonade
  5. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  6. Strawberry Kiwi
  7. Strawberry Banana
  8. Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  9. Strawberry Ice Cream
  10. Cotton Candy Ice


Best Elf Bar Flavours


In our mind, mint has always been the best flavour for a vape – specifically when we are talking about shisha/ hooka. Mint is just the most refreshing, easiest to consume and leaves a nice tingle. There are some who may argue that having spearmint on top is a bit boring, but that’s fine.

The Spearmint flavour is, however, democratically elected as being the most purchased and therefore the most popular. Whether that means it is the best is up to you. 


Pink Lemonade

The one flavour that is always out of stock in the corner shops is Pink Lemonade. Like spearmint, it is refreshing, yet sweet and zingy.  Usually, there is no difference between normal lemonade and pink lemonade but it makes for a great-sounding flavour name. What you should expect from this flavour is a lot of sweetness, zing of lemony citrus and a fresh aftertaste which makes this flavour hard to stop vaping.


Apple Peach

Apple peach is a very unusual flavour. It has elements of this slightly sour, and tart apple, with a mouthful of peachy sweetness which brings the two flavour profiles together. This is a tropical delight with an element of freshness which makes the flavour super addictive. It is not one of my personal favourite flavours, however, it is for sure extremely popular with regular health bar users.


Blue Razz Lemonade

Pink Lemonade and Blue Razz Lemonade are actually very similar, however, Blue Razz Lemonade has much more sweetness than its zingy cousin. The sour, citrus elements from pink Lemonade are more subtle and a fragrant flavour of blueberry comes through nicely. If you’re a fan of Pink Lemonade, then you should make an effort to try this flavour too. You’ll not regret it. 

Whether you ask shop owners or ask anbody online, Blue Razz Lemonade is always in people’s top 5 best elf bar vape flavours. 


Blueberry Sour Raspberry 

When it comes to vape flavours the best ones are always a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. The blueberry sour raspberry offers this in spades. At first, there is a strong element of sweetness and the aftertaste is a slightly sour raspberry flavour which is again, super addictive. 

From speaking to people, this vape flavour is hit-and-miss. Some love it and others hate it. Personally, it is right up my street but I quite like the nuanced elements of the flavour. 


Strawberry Kiwi (& Banana)

Two of what I think are the best elf bar flavours you can get in the UK is the Strawberry Kiwi and Strawberry Banana. They offer something a little bit different from each other yet both are equally as fantastic. The S/Kiwi is sweet with a refreshing and subtle flavour of Kiwi which makes it very enjoyable. The Banana version is very sweet and a flavour I personally like after dinner. It is more of a desert flavouring. Still, one of the best. 


Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

If you love huge flavours of tropical fruits then you’re going to adore the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elf Bar flavour. There is an element of fresh, slightly tart Kiwi and Passion which is off by the sweet tropical notes of Guava. It is a har flavour to dislike but it is easy to see that this flavour may be a little too much for some people. It is very sweet and there is a potential to get sick of it. Regardless, it is one of our top ten one of the top ten most popular flavours in the UK 


Strawberry Iced Cream Cake

What is better than Cake and Iced Cream? Iced Cream Cake. Strawberry Iced Cream Cake is absolutely deserving as one of our top ten best Elf Bar Flavours. Full disclosure, it is one I personally do not like. It is too sweet and reminds me a little bit of one of those strawberry/cream sweets we used to eat in the early 2000s (if you were alive then). 

Anyway, enough of what I think. The favour hits all the best notes of a sweet strawberry with a creaminess coming off the vape. In all fairness, it is a smooth vape but just not for me. 


Cotton Candy

This Elf Bar Flavour really does Cotton Candy justice. This is super sweet with candied sugar notes on top of sugar notes. If you like your elf bar flavours sweet then this will be the king of all sweetness. For me it leaves my mouth feeling a little dry but that is my personal perspective. 

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