Best Electric Toothbrush You’ll Find in the UK

My mother always said that an electric toothbrush is the height of laziness so I have only recently started to truly understand what I have been missing after all of these years.

Not only are they way more effective at removing plaque and cleaning those hard-to-reach places, but they are also easier to use for those with limited mobility, they cause less waste and are kinder to your gums. Most of the best electric toothbrushes are equipt with timers, and settings which focus on different parts of the mouth and we've found some that come with an app.

So you don't need to fight your way through thousands of options for an electric toothbrush, we have done the hard work for you.


What features should I look for?

These days caring for the environment is paramount to all things. Therefore, we think that at least some element of the toothbrush needs to be environmentally friendly. While not every toothbrush on this list is 100% environmentally friendly, we have done our best to leave to locate products that do their bit for the environment.

Battery life is also a huge issue with electric toothbrushes. It is a pain in the back-tooth do you have to recharge your toothbrush constantly, or the battery fails regularly. Usually, the best batteries are those that use lithium-ion, or a toothbrush that has a rechargeable and disposable battery system.

Finally, the head quality is super important too. We've selected electric toothbrushes with interesting features such as a colour grading system to let you know when it should be thrown out, environmentally friendly recycled plastics, and magnetic sensors to ensure you're not pushing too hard on your gums.

SURI Electric Toothbrush

With the weather over 1400 trust pilot reviews, it's clear to see that the Siri toothbrush is something special.

It was even included in the Indy best buy list.

The toothbrush uses recycled and plant-based materials to create its head and bristles, and use an aluminium body which is designed to be taken apart, repaired and stand the test of time. It's brilliant to see such an innovative take on the electric toothbrush.

The three most interesting features is a two-minute timer and a 40-day battery life which is achieved by only four hours of charging.

All this for £75 is a bargain. You can find more information about their toothbrush yeah their website here:

SURI Toothbrush

Oral B IO9

Oral B has been a market leader for decades, and has been creating some of the best electric toothbrushes in the UK for longer than I can remember.

While the brand of the entry-level toothbrushes if we are looking at the best we need to go high end.

The Oral-B iO9 Electric Toothbrush is as good as it gets. The toothbrush uses 3-D teeth tracking, has seven modes to personalise your brushing and has a smart pressure sensor using a magnet to prevent under or over-brushing. Plus an interactive colour display.

With your toothbrush, you'll get one charging travel case with a charger, one clean head and a magnetic pouch.

If you want the best electric toothbrush then you may have to splash the cash. This toothbrush is selling for £250 on Amazon UK. Check it out for more information.

Oral B


If you're unwilling to spend over £200 for a toothbrush then you'll be looking for something that offers value for money. If you're looking for value for money then Lidl is where you need to be most of the time.

While this toothbrush does not come with an app, magnetic sensors or any kind of specialist technology, the Nevadent Electric toothbrush offers magical simplicity.

You don't need to spend your life savings on your toothbrush that will fit in with a NASA space rocket when you can get a fantastic cleaning experience that gives you white teeth and a great mouthfeel from something simpler. This toothbrush does everything you needed to do. Nothing more nothing less.

Sometimes it pays to keep things simple.

For £20 you can pick up the Nevadent Electric toothbrush online or in your local Lidl store.




Philips Sonicare DailyClean 3100

The Philips Sonicare has been selected several times, in different publications, as the best electric toothbrush you can buy in the UK. So we decided to have a look ourselves.

You never expect it, but the Sonicare is the entry-level product for all Philips electric toothbrushes. Thankfully, the technology punch is well above its weight and you can get one of the best electric toothbrushes on the market without paying through the nose for it.

This electric toothbrush waves away up to 2 times more black than a regular toothbrush, is extremely simple to use and has up to 2 weeks of battery life.

The battery in the toothbrush is not the best however for only £50 you're getting a great deal.

You can find this toothbrush in most supermarkets however the best place to buy it will be Amazon UK.




Philips sonicare

Oclean Pro

Heading back to the top of the tree we have the Oclean Pro toothbrush. Yes smart toothbrush: this is what would be created if your mobile phone could be attached to a toothbrush head.

This toothbrush has so many cool features and an extremely reasonable price. The toothbrush is equipped with a smart screen which gives you an instant display of brushing results, has full modes and 32 intensities. Uses DuPont diamond and W shape bristles and can be attached to a brushing plan app.

That's not to mention that the toothbrush will last up to 35 days of battery life and is completely waterproof.

There are very few negatives about this toothbrush so if you want to learn more about it, then head work to leave Oclean website:


Oclean Toothbrush

Phillips Sonicare (Best of Kids)

You may well be here not simply looking for a toothbrush for yourself, but one for the kids. By far, the best electric toothbrush for kids that we found in the UK is the Philips sonicare.

What makes this product so great is not just the technology but the app that comes with the toothbrush too. Brushing your kids teeth can be a genuine nightmare so the guys at Phillips have created an app which is interactive and helps to distract your child, and teach them how to brush their teeth in real time.

What's more, even if you do not use the app the toothbrush thanks your child with a built in timer and jingle. Which is pretty damn cool.

There are loads of other features attached to this toothbrush so if you'd like to learn more about it then follow the link to Amazon UK.


Sonicare for kids

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