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Best Earl Grey tea – 6 tasty options for a fragrant cuppa

Published by Finn Hayden

We love a cup of tea, but we have to admit that we're often quite boring with our choices. We'll sometimes opt for a decaf tea instead of our normal brew, or a sleep tea in the evenings, but apart from that, we tend to play it safe.

But in recent months, we've been trying to drink a lot more Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey tea is a great option for people who want to try an interesting tea but still want something which will satisfy and which is worth getting out of bed for. We thought it would be useful to round up the best Earl Grey tea that you can buy in the UK, let's get into it:

Teapigs Earl Grey Strong

We love the peppermint tea from Teapigs, but the Earl Grey Strong tea from the brand is just as good. Teapigs actually has a standard Darjeeling Earl Grey, but as the name suggests the Earl Grey Strong is a stronger option which we actually prefer. It's intended to be drunk with milk, so if that's how you like your Earl Grey then this tea from Teapigs is a great choice. The unique taste of this Earl Grey is actually achieved by blending 4 different Earl Grey teas together, with the blend including Rwanda, Assam, Darjeeling, and Ceylon. The Earl Grey Strong tea actually won a Great Taste award in 2020, and it really is very tasty. Learn more and buy it here -
Teapigs Earl Grey Strong


We've been impressed with a number of the teas from the Clipper range, but the Earl Grey is among the best we've tried from the brand. As well as being extremely tasty. it's also certified organic by the Soil Association and Fairtrade, so you can feel extra good about drinking this tea. It has a light and citrusy taste, and at less than £5 for 80 bags, it's reasonably priced too. Learn more and buy it here -
Clipper Earl Grey tea

Williamson Tea

What we love about the Earl Grey from Williamson Tea is that the tea actually comes from a farm which is owned by the brand - the tea comes from bushes next to the Kakamega forest, which is on the Kaimosi Tea Farm in Kenya. The tea is grown naturally without the use of any pesticides, and the Williamson Tea team has been growing tea like this for more than 150 years. According to the team at Williamson Tea, you should pick up a subtle aroma of Mediterranean Bergamot Oranges from this Earl Grey tea. Learn more and buy it here -
Williamson tea

Waitrose Duchy Organic

We've previously written about how Waitrose is one of the best UK supermarkets for organic food, and we were really impressed to find organic Earl Grey tea available to buy from the Waitrose Organic Duchy range.  This tea is a blend of organic Black China tea and fragrant bergamot which is sourced from a tea company based in Britain. The tea is 100% Fairtrade and ethically grown, and tastes lovely. Learn more and buy it here -
Waitrose earl grey

Brew Tea Co.

The Brew Tea Co. claim is that the Earl Grey tea from the brand tastes less like perfume compared to other Earl Grey teas out there, and we'd definitely say that's right - the Earl Grey tea from the brand has lots of aroma, but doesn't have an artificial taste. It's a blend of Ceylon black tea with bergamot oil, orange peel, and calendula petals, which gives a citrus and fresh taste. You can buy this tea as tea bags or in loose-leaf tea form, learn more and buy it here -
Brew Tea co

Earl Grey Rooibos - Tick Tock Tea

Our last entry into this guide is a bit of a curveball - it's a blend of Earl Grey and Rooibos tea, which has a fresh and fragrant flavour that has a real zest to it. This tea is also naturally free from caffeine, so if you want to enjoy an Earl Grey tea in the evenings then this is a great choice. Learn more and buy it here -
Tick Tock earl grey

We hope this guide helps you to find some delicious Earl Grey tea! Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you want to read something similar, we have a guide about the best decaf green tea we've tried.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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