10 changing robes that we think are better than a dryrobe

Published by Finn Hayden

It's great to see a UK brand creating a product as simply innovative as the dryrobe. Originally created to keep athletes and sportspeople warm during cool-down periods, it is now a popular product with a variety of people. Similar to the Oodie, the dryrobe is quite expensive, but we've previously published a guide about why we think the dryrobe is worth buying, and we do think it's worth the money.

However, if the original dryrobe seems too expensive for you then there are a number of dryrobe alternatives out there which you can buy, and we've been lucky enough to try a number of them. So here are the best dryrobe alternatives that we've found:

Seashell unisex changing robe

We wrote an entire review of this changing robe, so that is the best place to head if you're looking for an overview of what we think of this product, but in short - we were seriously impressed and think it is probably the best Dryrobe alternative currently out there.

The changing robe itself is waterproof, windproof and has an extremely luxurious internal fleece lining which is soft and warm. This is my Dryrobe alternative of choice on a super cold day.

As standard, the Seashell has a fantastic chunky zip which doesn't snag - a godsend in the biting blowing wind after a cold swim!

If you'd like to get your own then you can get it from Amazon here -

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Two Bare Feet

You'll find an extensive range of changing robes on the Two Bare Feet website, and we love all of the different styles and colours you can choose from. Every changing robe from the brand is fully waterproof and has a lovely Sherpa fleece lining to keep you really warm and cosy.

These changing robes are also heavily discounted at the moment, so if you're planning to head to the beach this summer then now is a great time to grab a bargain from Two Bare Feet. Learn more and explore the range here -


Gul EvoRobe

The Gul changing robe is one of the very best Dryrobe alternatives you'll spend your hard-earned cash on.

The changing robe is made with GCX2 waterproofed and windproof outer shell which really does as it says on the tin. I have used this one out in the wettest and windiest days in Northern Scotland and it's been one of the best changing robes I've used.

The selling point here is the SHERPROTEC thermal fleece inside which is super warm and nice on your wet skin. The changing robe also has extra chunky zips (for cold hands) and they don't snag on the internal lining like some of the other robes do.

This is a fantastic dryrobe alternative that I recommend highly. The best place to grab one is on


C-Skins changing robe 

A few of the other dryrobe alternatives on this list are quite expensive - more expensive certainly than the C-Skins changing robe towel.

C-Skins is a company best known for their extensive range of wetsuits, but they make some awesome changing robes too which are definitely a great alternative to a dryrobe.

The designs are simple but effective, and it's made out of soft cotton which makes it super comfortable. The only thing is that this robe is much thinner than the others so a perfect robe for the summer, or at a swimming pool.

Grab your own here -


Vivida Puffer Changing Robe

What we feel separates the Vivida changing robe from others on this list is thoughtfulness. There are so many little details added to the Vivida changing robe that make it impossible to replace. The outer shell is water and windproof while being super soft and slightly stretchy (which makes the robe so much snugger).

The inner shell is a honeycomb fleece lining, which, again, is super soft, comfy, and warm. You could very easily replace your existing winter coat with the Vivida.

On top of all of this, the fabrics Vivida use are made from recycled materials and it is very clear that a lot of love has been put into the production of the robe. On top of all of this, it is a very stylish item too. Learn more about this product here -

Vivida Beach Robe

Saltrock 4 Seasons Tie Dye Changing Robe

The Saltrock Four Seasons Tie Dye Waterproof Changing Robe is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and dry when changing. We loved the loud design (definitely got us some attention when we wore it out about) and the quality was seriously impressive. We'll be publishing a full review of this changing robe soon, but in the meantime, you can learn more about the product here -

Optimum Unisex DryWrap

If you've just checked out the Seashell and the price has made you recoil in fear, then you may be interested in looking at the Optimum Drywrap.

The robe has extra long arms and a super warm internal lining and is 100% water and windproof to keep the elements out. It has loads of extra internal pockets which are rainproof to protect all of your valuables.

The Robe is completely machine washable and easy to dry too.

You can find them easily online via Amazon UK.

Charlie McLeod Sports Cloak

When researching this article, a brand name we kept seeing pop up was Charlie McLeod - it's clear this brand has a real following within the world of outdoor sports. Their range of sports cloaks and change robes definitely fit the bill when it comes to awesome dryrobe alternatives, plus there are a few added bonuses here that we have to mention. Firstly, your purchase can often include a free drybag. And secondly, sales are often running which is a great chance to grab a cheap change robe. Overall, we're impressed! Grab yours here -

Moonwrap Waterproof Changing Robe

Frostfire might not be a brand you recognise the name of, but they've been creating excellent outdoor robes for more than 20 years and have a real loyal following within the outdoors sports community. The Moonwrap is probably their best alternative to the dryrobe - made with a windproof outer shell and an ultra-warm synthetic fleece lining, Frostfire claim that it'll be the warmest jacket you've ever bought (probably). Buy yours here -

Dunnes dryrobe - best for an in-demand alternative

The Dunnes dryrobe has a lot of hype around it - almost as much as the original dryrobe. In fact, we found a number of articles about how quickly these were selling out. They look pretty great although quite basic, and we suspect the main reason they're so in-demand is because you can grab one for less than £50, a third of the price of the dryrobe. Despite the cheap price these changing robes from Dunnes still have great reviews, buy yours here -

Passenger Clothing

The one thing we haven't really mentioned so far is that often, these robes are made from materials which aren't sustainable. For many people who might be looking for a dryrobe alternative they can use outdoors, this can be at odds with their passion. Luckily, Passenger Clothing is a great option for anyone who is green-minded. Their 'Escapism' robe is probably the best option from their range - made with 100% Recycled polyester ripstop and a PFC-free water repellent coating, this unisex robe is towel-lined and will keep you warm and cosy without doing any harm to the outdoors. Grab yours here -

So hopefully, this list has helped you to consider a few alternatives to the dryrobe you can check out. The dryrobe is expensive but we should mention that generally, people are happy with their purchase! You can grab yourself one of the original dryrobes here -

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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