4 apps that’ll help you nail your driving theory test

Published by Finn Hayden

Before you can sit your practical driving test (which you can sit earlier with one of these cancellation apps), you need to sit a theory test to demonstrate that you understand the rules of the road.

The questions which could pop up in the theory test are extremely varied, so you need to remember and understand lots of information as anything could appear in the test. This is why when preparing for your theory test, using a theory test app is so helpful.

A good app will allow you to quickly and conveniently revise questions while you're on the go, and is an ideal supplement to your full driving theory test practice kit. As unlike when you were at school sitting exams, you might have to sit your driving theory test around things like a full-time job or kids.

We thought it would be useful to round up the best driving theory test apps that we've downloaded and used, let's get into it:

Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 kit

In terms of a free theory test app which has everything you need to pass, we think the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 kit app is probably the best option you'll find . This app is an excellent tool for those preparing to take their driving theory test. It provides a comprehensive set of resources, including practice tests, hazard perception videos, and a highway code. The app is user-friendly and regularly updated, plus you can get started with it immediately without having to sign up to anything. We have to admit that this is the app we used when preparing for our theory test, partly because we refused to pay any money for an app, but also because it had absolutely everything we needed within it. Learn more and download it from the App Store and Google Play Store here -
4 in 1 driving theory test kit

2023 Driving Theory Test

None of the other driving theory test apps that we tried out for this guide had anything like this 2023 Driving Theory Test app in terms of customisation, which really impressed us - as you can see from the screenshot, the app starts by asking you about when your theory test is due and then uses this information to serve you information and questions in line with that. This really helps your learning, as our one criticism of some of the other apps we tried for this guide was that you could access all of the information immediately, which can be quite overwhelming. We like how the 2023 Driving Theory Test app tries to not overwhelm you with information, and we imagine that for a lot of people, this will be a really effective way of practicing for their theory test. This app has been download more than 100k times from the Google Play Store and is clearly popular, learn more and download it from the Google Play Store here and the App Store here.


Official DVSA Theory Test kit app

The official DVSA theory test app costs £4.99 to download, but there is no denying that it's an excellent app. The app features every single official DVSA theory test revision question that you could possibly encounter, and not many of the free apps can claim that. We also love that the app includes CGI hazard perception clips, exactly like the type you'd find in the actual theory test. Some of the other apps in this list don't use the CGI clips like you'll find on the test, and instead use real footage, so that's one huge advantage of the DVSA Theory Test kit app. As we say, it does cost money, but there is no denying that it probably gives you an edge over the other free driving theory test apps we've included in this list. Learn more and download it from the App Store here and Google Play Store here.
DVSA theory test app

Driving Theory Test by WeDrive

You need to create an account to use this driving theory test app, but it only takes 2 seconds and we think it's worth it. This app is an excellent choice for learners who want a reliable, easy-to-use resource for preparing for their theory test. The app has an extensive database of questions and hazard perception videos, which helps you to develop a deep understanding of driving theory. It also provides useful feedback on performance and progress, making it an effective study tool. We also love that it's really convenient to pop in and out of, not taking ages to load up, which is exactly what you want from a driving theory test app, as it means you can whip your phone out when you've got a spare 2 minutes and practice a few questions. Learn more and download it for free from the App Store here.
Driving Theory Test by WeDrive

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find a great driving theory test app to help you get prepared for the test. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any similar apps that you've tried! If you want to read a similar guide, check out our guide to the best driving test cancellation apps we've used

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