Best dog treats to keep your furry friend happy

When it comes to dog treats, you and your dog have a lot of options! If you're feeling overwhelmed with choice then worry not - we've rounded up our favourite treats for you and your pooch to check out. Let's get into it:

The Dog Chef - best for mixes to make your own delicious treats 

Buying ready-made treats can be great, but sometimes you can't beat making your own treats for your furry friend. This is where The Dog Chef comes in - founded by Ann-Marie Morgan, an expert in baking and cooking for dogs, their mix packs make it super easy to make delicious and healthy treats at home, and your dog is sure to love the end product. The most popular mix is their Liver Cake mix, which is totally wheat-free, made with British grass-fed beef liver, and 100% natural.  Each pack makes about 280 treats and before you start worrying about liver smells in your house, the mix doesn't smell bad at all!

You can buy the mix for yourself here, and save 10% if you subscribe for a monthly delivery -


The Kitten and The Goat - best for posh dog treat boxes

If your pooch has been extra special and you're looking for something a bit posh to get them, then look no further than the Posh Dog Treats from The Kitten and The Goat. These tasty treats are handmade and gluten-free, making them a delicious and healthy treat. The go-to option from the website would be the Quick Love Treat Box, where you can choose from meat or fish-based treats, fruit or vegetable-based treats, something sweet or cheese (and more). Basically whatever your dog fancies!

Get yourself a box from the website here -


AniForte - best for a high protein healthy snack

When you think of protein your mind might immediately jump to bodybuilders and athletes, but dogs actually need a good amount of protein in their diet too. Not only does it keep their muscles strong, but it also helps to keep their coat healthy and shiny. We love the Sprats for Dogs from AniForte -  they're naturally high in protein because it's essentially just dried fish in the bag. They're also free from anything nasty and sure to be a hit with your dog due to their great taste.

Grab a bag of these treats for your dog from the AniForte website here -


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