The best Deep Heat alternatives (top 5)


Published by Finn Hayden

Deep Heat is a product which feels like it has been around for years, and it is definitely the "go-to" product for anyone looking for instant warm relief for muscle pain. But for many people, Deep Heat is less than perfect - it smells very strong, it sits on the skin too much, and for some people, it just doesn't provide the relief that they're looking for. Luckily, there are lots of Deep Heat alternatives out there which do exactly what Deep Heat does, just better. Let's take a look:

Diablo warming balm

If you haven't tried CBD before, we'd highly recommend you give it a shot for pain relief. Although we think CBD oil is better, applying CBD topically via a cream or balm is still great, and makes for an excellent alternative to products like Deep Heat. Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce pain, so it makes sense to give it a shot if you want to try something different. This balm from Diablo has the same warming effect as Deep Heat, but with the added CBD. We found it didn't smell as strong as Deep Heat, and it mixed slightly better than the Deep Heat rub we'd been using. Learn more here (and get 10% off with code youwell) -


Tiger Balm muscle rub

You might see the brand name 'Tiger Balm' and immediately think that this product is going to be much harsher and smell much stronger than Deep Heat - as we outlined in our comparison between Deep Heat and Tiger Balm, it's not necessarily the case. The normal Tiger Balm ointment is undeniably strong, but we found the muscle rub to be much less intense. Despite that, it was still effective and very fast-acting. We also found this to smell much less than Deep Heat, with very little lingering smell after application (at least, compared to Deep Heat). This rub is perfect for applying anywhere on the body, definitely give it a shot. Learn more here -

Tiger Balm muscle rub

Boots CBD muscle gel

Boots do have a normal muscle gel, but we think their CBD muscle gel probably works better as an alternative to Deep Heat, particularly if you have an issue with the warming element of Deep Heat.

This is a cooling balm that uses menthol as a base ingredient, which provides relief and helps to soothe your muscles. The boots CBD muscle gel also contains lemon oil, magnolia, witch hazel and wheat protein which work to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. It isn't quite deep heat, but this boots product could be a good alternative for certain applications.

Get your Boots CBD muscle gel in your local Boots branch.

Boots CBD muscle gel

Cannaray Muscle Balm

If your main issue with Deep Heat is the very distinctive smell, then the muscle balm from Cannaray might be a great alternative to consider.

This is citrus-scented, and actually has a very pleasant smell which you won't mind applying to areas which other people might smell (neck etc.). Like many of the other muscle balms we've included in this list, the Cannaray balm does include CBD which as we've mentioned, does provide additional pain relief benefits.

The balm actually contains Limonene and Linalool as ingredients, which you'll also find in many Deep Heat rubs. Learn more here -

Cannaray balm

Vitality CBD muscle balm

This is another balm which doesn't have the same warming effects as Deep Heat, but does contain CBD so provides some of the pain relief/muscle soothing benefits.

Made with organic beeswax, lavender oil, and eucalyptus, the balm definitely gives you a tingle on the skin but we wouldn't describe it as warming or cooling. The beeswax and lavender are the 2 ingredients that determine the main scent, which we find much more pleasant than Deep Heat.

Learn more here

Vitality CBD muscle balm

As you can see, there are a number of excellent products out there which do everything that Deep Heat does but without the elements of Deep Heat that some people don't like. Just be warned, do not touch your eyes with the product unless you want to know how Pepper Spray feels.

Let us know if you've tried any of these in the comments!

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