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6 of the best creatine supplements you can buy

creatine supplements

Published by Finn Hayden

We never write guides about supplements which aren’t safe, but we do occasionally write guides about supplements which have shown mixed results in studies and tests, as results can often vary from person to person.

Creatine is quite a unique supplement in that there are lots of studies which support the claim that the supplement can improve sporting performance and that it is safe to use, so much so that it is a supplement which is used by many high level athletes to improve their performance. The studies in support of creatine make for very impressive reading, as they almost always seem to show improvements in strength and fat free mass.

Because creatine has proven to be such an effective product to consume, you’ll find quite an overwhelming number of creatine supplements to choose from on the market. We thought it would be useful to round up the best creatine you can buy, let’s get into it:

Cellucor Cor-Performance

The Cellucor brand is well-known for producing the very popular C4 pre-workout product, but the creatine from this brand is also excellent.
Each scoop of this creatine gives you 5g of high quality creative which has been micronised. All this means is that it has been broken up into smaller molecules which allows your body to digest it faster and more easily. We’re very impressed to see that this creatine has an almost perfect rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. Learn more and buy it here -
Cellucor creatine

Warrior Creatine

The Warrior range of creatine is great for people who want a flavoured creatine supplement that actually tastes nice. You can choose from a range of flavours including Blazin Berry and Blue Raspberry, both of which are actually really tasty. The creatine powder itself is high quality too though - it’s micronised and in each tub you’ll get 60 5g servings. You can pick up a tub of this creatine for well under £15 online too so it makes for a great low cost option. Learn more and buy it here -
Warrior Creatine

VOW Nutrition Creatine chews

Taking a scoop of creatine every day seems pretty straightforward, but it can actually be a bit fiddly and it definitely isn’t something you’ll be able to do easily while you’re on the go. That’s why we love the creatine chews from VOW Nutrition - each chew contains 0.75g of pure monohydrate creatine, and they’re also flavoured. This makes taking creatine really convenient and actually tasty too. These creatine chews are also certified free of banned substances by Informed-Sport, which is great to see. You can get these chews in either strawberry or mint flavour (pictured), learn more and buy them here -
VOW creatine chews

StarLabs PRO Ultrapure Creatine Monohydrate

This creatine from StarLabs patented Creapure which is created in the StarLabs laboratory in Germany. This creatine is made using the highest quality ingredients and is made by chemical synthesis, so you’ll find no trace products in its composition. This creatine is also 100% vegan, so everyone can take it. Learn more and buy it here -
StarLabs creatine


The Amix creatine powder is also made from Creapure, and is a very high quality creatine designed to get into your system very quickly. It has been super micronised, meaning the molecules are really small and can be digested and get into your system really quickly. A tub with 100 servings will cost you £25 from the official Amix website, learn more and buy it here -
Amix creatine

PE Nutrition Simply Creatine 

PE Nutrition is a brand sold exclusively by Holland and Barrett, and we’ve been really impressed with some of the other health products that we’ve tried from this brand such as the vegan protein. The creatine from PE Nutrition is also great - it’s monohydrate and gives you 5g of creatine per serving. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and you can currently buy a 210g tub from Holland and Barrett for just £16 which is great value. Learn more and buy it here -
PE Nutrition creatine
We hope this guide helps you to find an excellent creatine supplement. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us to try! If you want to read something similar, check out our guide to the best amino acid supplements.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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